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    I everyone

    Hope it's ok to ask here but wanted some ideas on what I can take to work with me during the night?
    At the moment I'm having 2 sometimes times 3 shakes a day and maybe a banana or apple. That's of course when I'm not on duty. My last shift I took chopped melon/raspberries/blueberries with a Muller Lite yogurt poured over the top but to be honest I was starving!
    I would appreciate any suggestions from you lovely people :)
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  3. GiddyCrafter

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    The title should read Night Worker lol
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    Heya I'm a night-worker too (since Jan this year and probably for th next couple of months) my night shift starts at 2015 and finishes at 0730 so I have dinner before I go and then breakfast when I come home, usually don't bother with food overnight just drink lots of pop/flavoured water usually get about 2litres in overnight.. I've got a couple of days till I start Exante so not sure how the 3meals a day will fit in etc yet (I'm doing total so no fruit or anything) but I'm sure I'll get In a new pattern, think I may have to cheat a little as far as drinks go though as everything contains Citric acid and I don't like tea/coffee/bovril and plain water is just a step too far!!!

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