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Night Working!!

I am starting the first of 4 nights tonight aghhhhhh!! I have been on days off since starting LT, I am now on day 5 and flying high, no cheating although I have been hungry!!!

I am a nurse and on nights we usually eat eat eat! I am confident that I can keep it up but it's just the first night tonight as I will have been awake for 24 hours!
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you can do it hun,i dont envy you doing a night shift but just keep your goal in mind xx


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I have just asked about this on the CD forum,when i do nights i do 12hr nights on a very busy delivery suite and get very confused when i do nights especially the first night. im on nights this week fri sat and sun

e.g. do i go 12mnt to 12mnt
or do i make my 3 shakes last me untill tomorrow morning??:confused::confused::confused:

I get my self very confused so i am gonna try it this way

shake 1 @08.00
shake 2 @ 13.00 (im trying monsoons theory:p)
i start night shift @ 19.00
Shake 3 @ 23.00 ish

then take day 2 sat from midnight
shake [email protected] between 03.00 and 06.00 depending on how desperate i am
Shake 2 @ 17.00 just before i leave for work again
Shake 3 @23.00 ish

shake [email protected] between 03.00 and 06.00 depending on how desperate i am
Shake 2 @ 17.00 just before i leave for work again
Shake 3 @23.00 ish

Monday finish this morning
Shake [email protected] 08.00
Shake [email protected]
Shake [email protected] 20.00 and weigh in :wave_cry:

Dont know if this is technically right or not but gonna try it this way and see how i get on.
Good Luck!!!

Lea xx


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hi guys i do nights and i find that on night 1 i have normal 3 shakes during the day, then about 1-3ish in the morning i have another one ( any later than this and i don't want it cos i'm too tired to eat!!!) this effectively is my breakfast, i then go home at 7 go to bed, get up at about 3pm & have another pack. i take 2 to work and have one about 8pm then another about 3am, go home go to bed get up at midday have one for lunch then one for my tea. So still only the 3 packs a day but spread out.
thanks for the advice everyone!

I'll see how I go, I have had one today, going to have one before i go and then one before midnight, i think aslong as i make sure i only have 3 in each day (24 hrs) I should be ok (hopefully!!!!)

We'll see

Thanks again guys!!!!!
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Good luck Hun. Hope you're busy enough to keep your mind off food but not too busy that you are exhausted by the end!


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