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Nightshift workers

I always have a meal before I go in around teatime then have another substantial meal at about midnight then have some fruit or my synned snacks about every 2 hours or so.

as long as its free or superfree food and you're eating because you're hungry not bored you can snack through the night without issue.

make sure you drink plenty of water though, if you're anything like me you'll hold onto some excess fluid. SO maybe some superfree soup may be helpful

good luck xx
I doubt I will be bored in a and e on nights over the weekend ha ha plus I can only snack on breaks and I only get one so I suppose that Is good, I will have to plan and maybe have a meal on my break and keep a couple of snacks available
I make sure i have my tea before i start work, then i have cereals or magic porridge. Then i have 2 eggs (scrambled or omlette) when i come in before i go to bed.

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I'm on nightshift from tonight for three nights. Before I restarted SW I just ate rubbish for the sake of it. But I've got to be more organised so I've made superfree soup, for three nights. I'll have that with 2 slices small Hovis (HEB) with Laughing Cow spread (2 syns). I'm also taking strawberries and grapes to have with a free yoghurt and fruit for snacking. I like to eat a banana before I drive home to give me a wee energy boost and failing that I take a couple of cans of PepsiMax as well.
Sound like a total hog don't I. :)
Man, I feel so much better if I scoff junk on nights.

To keep me in plan with my silly shift pattern, I officially start my slimming world days at 6am, so my healthy extras and syns can be eaten between 6am-6am. I did this to avoid accidentally having extra syns HEs on first/last nights.

I always have a big bottle of water with me. I take a proper hot meal with me, like soup and bread or curry and rice. Before I go to bed when I get home, I have cereal or porridge. Before going on shift, I have something 'brunchy', like beans or scrambled egg on toast. I always take fruit, yogurt, cereal bars or syn chocolates, like roses, to keep me going.
My mum ( who also does slimming world ) works from 8am - 2am as she has 2 jobs and always takes ..

Speed soup
Chicken and rice with frozen veg through it
2xbread & a tin of beans
2 bananas
Baked potatoes & salad

Just prepare everything when you get a bit of spare time.

Oh & coco pops breakfast bars are 4 syns & they are so chocolatey!!
Hiya!! I always have my dinner before I start. My shifts are from 9pm to 8am. I bring fruit with me, and a couple of mugshots too. For breakfast I have ryvita with low fat dairylea triangles. Or sometimes I just have more fruit and have on omelette when I get home. I tend to bring things that I can eat on the go and are quick to prepare. Hope this helps and good luck!! X
Asda extra special mini meringues. 1 syn each and come in a tub. Very good for the sugar fix. (don't buy the normal asda ones in the box tho, they are not good)

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