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Nikki's 100% ts diary

Hi all!

Suppose a little background Is in order - in the year following my 1st baby (who's almost 6 year! Eek) I found myself weighing exactly 18 stone - comfort eating and using pregnancy as an excuse to be a complete glutton got me there. The weigh in was enough to shock the life out of me and within 10 months, with the help of ww and minimims, I lost 7 stone. I eventually levelled off at 11stone 10 (a size 10 for me - am 5foot 8) and stayed at that weight until I became pregnant with my son.

Once again I completely went overboard when pregnant and 2 weeks after he was born, weighed 15 stone 10 :-( strictly stuck to ww (and did lipotrim for 2 weeks plus another 1 week for refeed) and when he was 6 months, I was about 12 stone 10.

We decided to keep going and finish out family so when he was 7 months I was pregnant again :) our beautiful Kate was 11 weeks old yesterday.

I literally started ww the day after she was born but again put on insane weight during my pregnancy - when she was 2 weeks old, I weighed 16 stone 10 :-( I've carried on with ww and over the past 9 weeks have lost 1 stone 5 so today I weigh 15. 5

Losses are way too slow and my weight is making me really miserable. I've a huge wardrobe full of size 10 clothes that I'm desperate to get back in to.

Day one on exante for me today and all went brilliant - had a bad tummy bug yesterday where I couldn't keep down anything but started fully committed this morning.

Feel great! Really happy and motivated - today was a breeze but know it's going to get harder so am ready for a fight. ;-)

Love vanilla shake - really yummy. Had a toffee and nut bar (yum too! And its great to have something to chew!!) and choc shake which was fine. Drank 3 litres of sparkling water and 3 black coffees.

Soooo excited to start shrinking - am quite enjoying the empty, light feeling today and am taking it as a sign that I'm getting smaller.

Hoping to get to 12.7 and then loose the remainder on ww. Wish me luck!! Xx
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Congratulations on the new arrival. Well done for being so committed to a new and healthier you. Sorry you had a tummy bug but it sounds like you have everything uder control now! Take care.
Sorry! Am not 5 foot!! Am 5 foot 8
X posts! Thank you so much lass!!! Really appreciate such kind words


is gonna do it!!
Hiya Nikki
I also put on my weight after having my son. I was the biggest I ever been last week when I started at 14.7. This diet is ace, stick to it and the losses keep coming!!
Good luck and let us know how u are doing through your first week x
Hey I'm 5 ft 10 and carry weight quite well I also gained masses of weight during pregnancy 18 stone 5 I was when my LO was 5 days old! My original goal is what I weigh now but after being this weight for 7 months or so I want more lol! 12 stone 8 ish ! I want to most certainly get into the 11s :)
good luck I'm day 2 to xx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (27.08.11 - 12 stone 6 83 lost 21lbs to go!!
Thanks a million mot and Leeds! That damn baby weight..oh to be a man!

Mother of God I'm absolutely FREEZING!! I've a weird metallic taste in my mouth and a fuzzy tongue -this couldn't be ketosis already, could it? (hopeful) I'm thinking that if it is, it's because of that ferocious tummy bug I had on Monday which complete cleared me out of everything?

I'd be so surprised (and delighted) if it was as when I did lipotrim last year (admittedly only for a planned two weeks) I found it absolute hell and was worrying how I'd get on with exante long term because of this - on lipotrim I didn't hit ketosis until a record breaking day 8 and hated it.

Day 2 went great. Obviously had hunger pangs and weakness at times but that's to be expected.

Have drank 3 litres of sparkling water, countless black coffees with sweetener and 1 glass of coke zero. Love all shakes and bars so far (well chocolate is my least favourite but is still fine)

Feeling very motivated and determined. Am really looking forward to my first weigh in - HOPEFULLY will be in the 14's... (15.5 start weight)...

Early night me thinks...
Wow jealous lol , my body goes into ketosis quite quickly too :) day 8 wow that would of Been a killer xx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (27.08.11 - 12 stone 6 83 lost 21lbs to go!!
aww you started the same day as me huni, Day 2 for me now. Must i be the only 1 that probably doesnt no what ketosis feels like or how will i even no i hit it lol. I dont really feel that hungry tbh so wouldnt notice if my hunger subsided. maybe one of you lovely lot can help me look for the signs lol.

And i reckon youll be in the 14's without a doubt hun. I would love a big weight loss its hard to imagine anything more then 7lb thats what i lost the first week on ww

Good Luck to huni , xxx
Hello! And thank you all so much for your lovely replies - they are so helpful. Sorry I haven't posted sooner but I came on and wrote a huge post the other night which I lost and didn't get a chance since!

So day 6 for me 100% ts and still going very well, found the weekend a little hard - especially as Friday was my birthday bit had a good talking to myself and soldiered on...

Really looking forward to my weigh in on Tuesday- hope im not disappointed!!
Good luck for your first weigh in, it sounds like you have done really well, I'm sure you will be in the 14's now x

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