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Nina's Diary - To help me stay on track for this last little bit!


can see the end in sight!
Hello all!

Well I have decided to start my diary to help me stay on track to lose this last half stone to a stone or so.

It feels very self indulgent but I am not going to lie, I have been looking forward to starting one of these!

A bit of background on me, I won't bore you too much, promise. I am 24, and have ALWAYS been big. I can remember going to the dietician when I was 12 and being nigh on 15 stone then, so being this weight is totally new to me. My heaviest was over 20 stone (eek!) and I got to that weight when I got into a relationship and my portion sizes went completely out of control. I had always hovered around the 17 stone mark before that, so not exactly petite! I was at this weight for a couple of months and then decided I had to do something about this before the only option open to me was a gastric band.

I lost a stone on Weight Watchers last year, stopped to go on holiday back home to Australia and never really went back. Stayed at the same weight (God knows how!) and then one day in December of last year, went to my hairdresser and she had lost a massive 9 stone on Lighter Life. I looked into it, found it too expensive and then someone told me about Cambridge and I started in January.

I am now down six and a half stone from the beginning of the year. Started a clothes size 20 on top, 22 on bottom and am now a 12 on top and a 14 on bottom. I don't think this last little bit will make much of a difference in clothes size, but I am going to take up jogging to tone up and build lean muscle, so hopefully I can lose the last flabby bits that way.

I am now on SS+, have been since Wednesday and plan on being on it for the next couple of weeks depending on my losses. The dreaded scales haven't moved since Wednesday, so I am a bit annoyed at that but I will keep chugging along and see how it goes. I don't expect it to fly off but it would be nice to see some scale movement.

So today I am having/had the following
Chicken, Salad and Cucumber for tea
Choc Tetra
Choc Shake

and at least 4 litres of water as well.

Off to work in the pub tonight so I hope that will burn some stubborn fat off! Am going to try to stay off the scales, hopefully I will see a couple of lbs loss by Wednesday. After all, SS+ is still well low calories!

Thanks for reading my rambling, if you got this far! Hope everyone is having a great day and has some fun planned for the weekend!
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Winning a losing battle!
Well done for starting your diary and good luck getting those last few pounds off!

You have done amazingly well and should be so, so proud of yourself.

Look forward to reading your diary to help me stay on the straight and narrow when I start moving up the plans in a couple of weeks!
you have done so well nina! looking forward to reading your diary. you have always been very inspirational and very helpful x x


can see the end in sight!
thanks everyone. i am determined to get to goal and keep this weight off forever!
Good luck Nina! Was great to hear your story. You've done so well and I know you're really excited about all the nice clothes you'll be getting into!!!
all the best nina! you can do it! By the way i notice that you lost a massive 20lbs from week 25-28 which is amazing! What was your secret??? I am on a mission pre hols!


can see the end in sight!
right! Time to update the diary. Didn't have a great weekend food wise, had a planned meal out but before that I was getting a bit down with staying the same weight so have taken the batteries out of the scales and thrown them away. Don't know what the damage is but will weigh myself next Wednesday to find out if I can manage to lose a few lbs on ss+

Am going to stick to really simple ss+ meals as I find it too easy to be over generous with the veg portions. I think that's why the scales hadn't moved, I was retaining water so a few salad leaves and cucumber for me! Also I have gone out today and bought some fab new trainers and am starting my beginners running program in the morning. Starting slowly but my CDC says it will help my metabolism along. Do a lot of walking normally but it isn't really cutting the mustard, need something free and higher intensity! Plus I know excercise makes you feel great blah blah but I'm so bloody lazy!

Going to have a fully 100% week this week and jog 3 times and stay off the scales, that it my weekly challenge. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Jayneymac- I only lost 20lbs in those weeks because I put on a massive 9lbs in water weight at glasto! So was only really 11 lbs, and I am hoping to lose this last little bit by October 1st and be happily maintaining by then!
Good luck with getting back on track Nina!


can see the end in sight!
Thanks hun. I enjoyed the meal, made healthier choices so I won't beat myself up. But am also determined to get to goal and get fitter too. Need to burn some of this stubborn thigh fat off.

Although, I do wonder if I will ever be able to have a treat occasionally without feeling guilty! I really hope I am able to get past that mentality of forbidden foods which only make me want them more. Strange!


Skinny girl in a fat body
You can do it Nina. It gets more difficult the less we have to lose. Once we can see a light at the end of the tunnel we become lax, and think "Oh I've lost xxx pounds so can afford to have a cheat here and there". Come on, we are right behind you to give you a shove.


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Nina..
Its funny as I didnt realise it was your diary............as I didnt know you as Nina..lol
You have done so incredibly well.. just wanted to wish you all the best going up the steps........its great......Im really enjoying it..
Keep smiling hon.............are you wearing those jeans yet that you had bought ??
xxxx Marissa xxx


can see the end in sight!
I am curly! I love them, off to get some more this week yay! Straight leg this time. Payday today so got some new clothes being delivered tomorrow. I am addicted! Hve you got your true religions yet?


Cambridge Consultant
Awww excellent Nina............ Iam soooooooooo pleased you are wearing them.......... you have done so well......... Awww enjoying getting your new ones!!!
My mum actually gave me a pair of her true religions but only got to wear them a couple of times and are now too big..
I was waiting to get to goal to get my JEANS, a leather jacket etc..
Jumped on the scales this morning and it seems I have hit goal...wooohhh.. but now I need to be below it.......
Anyway your doing fab hon..........cant wait til you join us over on 1000 + ..
take care


can see the end in sight!
aaaah! curly got to goal! congratulations hun, that's fantastic! you must be stoked. how much more do you want to lose?? xox


Winning a losing battle!
Well done for throwing away the batteries!! I really need to do the same as lost 1lb last week and the scales haven't moved since - why do we do it?!!

I'm sure you'll be making healthy choices when you get to goal and it'll soon become second nature and I'm sure that guilt feeling will disappear in time (it better!).

Enjoy your jogging and SS+ meals, I'm not too far behind you in starting so you can be my inspiration!!

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