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  1. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Yay! A new diary to celebrate a new diet. I was calorie counting but I'm moving over to fasting (and calorie counting). As much as I'd love this to be a super fast journey, it won't be, but as long as I keep plodding on, I'll get there.

    Today is day 1, and my goal is not to consume any calories until 5pm when I will have a Thai green curry (approx 380 cals) and a total 0% yoghurt for 120 cals.

    I'm not sure how to combine fasting with running at the moment. I know I can't fast fri or sat as I normally do my long run on Sat, so I may try mon and either wed or thurs to start with.

    I'm going to try to eat healthily on up days and not go mad. I may need to calorie count as I tend towards binging. I'll see how it goes.

    So in summary:
    - running or other exercising for 30 mins 5-6 days a week
    - fasting 1-2 days a week (mon and either Wed or thurs)
    - healthy eating the rest of the time (with the occasional treat!)
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  3. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    All good so far but starting to get hungry. 30 mins til food. I've drunk a lot more coffee than usual though!

    B - black coffee
    L - black coffee
    S - black coffee!
    5 pm thai green curry with rice
    7pm Greek yoghurt with blue berries

    Exercise: 3 mile run (v slow)
  4. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    So here's my plan for this week...

    Wed - DD, 3 mile run - DONE :) 545 cals
    Thurs - UD, cross train - DONE :) 2100 cals
    Fri - UD, 5 miles
    Sat - DD, 2 miles and stretching
    Sun - UD, cross train / core work

    Total mileage 13 (inc 3 on Mon)
    Daily av cals (excluding mon & tues) 1400

    And next week (back to school on Tues)

    Mon - DD, 2 miles
    Tues - UD, weigh in, 3 miles
    Wed - DD, cross train & core
    Thurs - UD, 4 miles
    Fri - UD, 3 miles & core
    Sat - UD, 6 miles
    Sun - ID, stretch

    Total mileage 18 miles
    daily av cals 1500 (assuming I eat 2000 cals on an UD, 1500 on an ID and 500 on a DD)
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  5. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    My sleep was restless last night and I'm awake earlier than usual (usually wake between 7 and 8 during school holidays but was wide awake at 6.45). Debating which exercise DVD to have a go at this morning...and what to munch on for breakfast.

    I have set my MFP account to no weight loss for my up days and it say 2048 cals which suits me because I'll be exercising too. That's what I'll aim for today.
  6. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    So squeezed in a dvd workout for 30 mins before breakfast (p90x 3 CVX - cardio with weights) and surprisingly wasn't particularly lacking in energy. I didn't feel full of energy but wasn't weak or shakey at all as I thought I might be. I'm also not hungry but had a protein shake before I head out to tide me over.
  7. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Thurs 17th - UD

    Am: 30 min DVD (cvx)
    B - strawberry protein shake
    L - soya latte, smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwich, Tyrella veggie crisps, strawberries
    S - cappucino, banana
    T - chicken pad thai (scratch ready meal - over 700 cals and so not worth it!), lots of brocolli
    S - chai latte, mini mars bar, 2 milk tray chocs

    Total: 2100

    Today was a learning curve for me. I really wasn't hungry in the mornin,. I felt properly hungry before tea, and as soon as I'd finished, even though I wasn't hungry I was desperately craving chocolate. I could have eaten much more than I did.

    I am also shocked by how many calories I drink! Because I don't really drink fizzy drinks, I've never really worried. But I'm definitely limiting myself to one milky drink a day, including milk substitutes. Even when I'm out, like today.

    This is definitely going to be an educational journey!
  8. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Friday 18th April

    Exercise: 5 mile run - av pace 10.40 - still slow but that's a whole 40 seconds per mile faster than this time last week...Yay!

    B - skinny latte, cinnamon swirl
    L - Banana, strawberries, hot cross bun (marmite, no butter)
    s - soya latte
    T - Thai green curry, sticky toffee pudding with custard mmmmmmm

    Not the healthiest of days - I'm going to make a concerted effort to eat more fruit & veg and less bread products on an up day, I think.
    V pleased with my run though. The first mile was tough, as my butt was aching from the DVD yesterday!
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  9. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Found you! Was just asking on my thread if you had a diary. It sounds like it's all going well for you, keep up the good work! :)
  10. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Hello! A visitor! Welcome welcome! Yes, it is going well. I'm going to fast again tomorrow but at the moment v happy, if a little shocked at how easy I find it to scoff 2000 cals...i thought it was loads but apparently I'm a piggy!
  11. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Isn't it frightening? I think the fast days make you so much more aware of the calories on an UD. But on the other hand I also find it amazing how much you can have for 500 calories. I'm fasting tomorrow too in preparation for a very up Easter Sunday!

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  12. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Hey, here to follow your journey!well done on controlling yourself on the up days - that was always my downfall haha!
  13. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Hello! That's why I'm calorie counting even on up days at the moment, because I could easily hit 3000 cals on an up day! Honestly, after the last couple of up days, I'm not surprised im overweight, im just surprised Im not more overweight than I am!
  14. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    So far this week

    Wed - DD, 3 mile run - DONE :) 545 cals
    Thurs - UD, cross train - DONE :) 2100 cals
    Fri - UD, 5 miles - DONE :) 2150 cals
    Sat - DD, 2 miles and stretching DONE :) 500 cals
    Sun - UD, cross train / core work

    Total mileage 13 (inc 3 on Mon)
    Daily av cals (excluding mon & tues) 1460
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  15. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Your doing really well, hopefully you've found the right diet for you! Xx don't worry about the carbs, you can always cut back when your losses stall xx
  16. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Popping by to subscribe. Good luck xx
  17. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Thanks for the support :)
  18. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Sat 19th April - DD

    Exercise - 2 mile run, 10 min ab attack dvd

    B - nothing
    L - large black coffee

    Plan is not to eat until 6 pm but I have an emergency meal replacement bar in my bag for emergencies...
  19. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    I am also fasting today, planning to eat about 4ish, good luck!

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  20. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    I think I'll find this easier when I'm at work, I'm not hungry but thinking about food a lot as I'm not hugely busy (in Costa at the moment, but having a black tea). Took DD to cinema to see muppets (it was rubbish) but pleased I avoided the popcorn etc

    Being on a DD does make you realise how much we are constantly surrounded by food
  21. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Completely agree, I've managed 5 fasts with 1 more to go while I've been on leave from work but they have been so much harder! Back to work Tuesday & for food related reasons only I cannot wait!!!

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