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nn89- slimming world to weight watchers diary!


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Hi guys, firstly let me introduce myself to those who don't know me.

I did SW back in april 2009, lost 2 stone..but gained most of it back on now! After starting/restarting and struggling with SW at the end of 2009, i've made the decision to give weight watchers a go- and i'm very enthusastic- i'm certainly looking forward to eating what I want and a change in diet i fear my body had gotten used too!

My starting weight is 16stones 10.5 (which is actually 2.5lbs heavier than what i weighed at slimming world yesterday night!!! :confused:)

I could do with some help- its my first week, and my daily points allowance is: 22

This is my 'food plan' for tomorrow- my first day on the diet, i'll try each day to post my food intake, and plan for the next day on here

Milk: 1 pint of skimmed milk (for cereal, teas, coffees and options hot chocolates!) = 2.5 points

Special K cereal and skimmed milk from allowance, with chopped banana and a green tea with one teaspoon of sugar = 4.5 points

Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna, 2 tablespoons of heinz light mayonnaise, peppers and onion with a muller light yogurt = 6.5 points

Dinner: Chicken Curry and Rice (made with 1/2 pack of diced chicken, 1/2 tin of mushy peas, 1/2 pot of low fat natural yogurt, peppers, onions, carrot and grated celery and 1 medium portion of white cooked rice) = 8.5 points

Snacks: Options hot chocolate (0.5 points) a weight watchers chocolate sponge pudding (3 points) and a mini milk (0.5 point)

Total points: 25.5

Activity plan: I WOULD walk to uni..but as its bloody cold at the moment, i'm going to do the following at the gym:
30minute walk on treadmill, level 5 (can i count this at power walking?!)
20 minutes on the bike

Activity points: 8 (will be banked for meal out with my mum next week!)

Now i want to do that fast starter week- your first week, where you have either 18 or 22 points, IF i do my daily activity, can i still 'say' i've been doing 22 points? (for those over 14 stone)

Finally- how does it look, for a first week am i having too many points, am i getting it right, or totally off track!?
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i would stick to your 22, the amount of activity points gained from 30 minutes activity is quite low. for 20 minutes of sprinting, i only got 2 points! :(
Ok guys- heres whats actually happened today!

Breakfast: Special K (50g) and banana with a green tea, plus 2 tsp of halfspoon sugar = 4.5

Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna and light mayo, celery, cucumber and lettuce = 4

Dinner: WW heinz curry, with a 175ml glass of white and a ww chocolate sponge = 9.5

1/2 pint of milk = 1
2 options satchets = 1
1 muller light = 1.5
1 packet of mini hoops = 1
1 carrot cake slice = 2
1 mini milk = 0.5
1 glass of cranberry juice NAS = 1
Total = 8

Total points = 26

I thought it'd be really hard to get to 26 points but it was reallly easy! Plus I enjoyed it! I'm feeling satisfied, i was aiming to do 22 for the first week (as it advised to kick start weight loss) but I might do it intermittent and save up my points for going out with friends on saturday. I actually have done no excercise- YET! Its snowing here, the roads are full of black ice and i'm in the mood for hibernating, but i did do 20minutes of housework and after posting this will go off and dig out my davina workout dvd, and do a session from that- and use the points towards saturday

Is this sounding ok to everyone? Any suggestions?
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If you werent trying KS how many points should you be on??

sorry but whats KS? or AP for that matter- a run through of abbreviations may help

My normal daily points is 26 and it goes up to 28 if i'm working a shift (student nurse, non stop!) I WAS going to try what the first week thingy in my booklet, which advises 22 if you're over 14 stone for the first week, and i'm going to attempt that tomorrow- i think i went over today as i was craving a glass of wine and pud, and have been home most the day so eating out of boredom

Can i ask a question too, noticed you lost 187lbs in 2007 with WW, how easy was that? I have about 80lbs to loose, did you find you struggled? Plus how long did it take?!
if its your first week, you could still lose plenty of weight eating your full points and exercising.

If you watch Biggest Loser or any diet programs / read any health books or magazines, you will see that if you are exercising you NEED a certain amount of calories to fuel your body.

wannabikinibody, i am concerned that your advice sometimes isnt really in peoples best interests - if nn89 is exercising and is doing fast start, i would recommend that they eat the 12 AP that WW recommends you can eat per week. However, if I feel hungry and I have earned more, I DO eat them if I need to as you will still lose weight and you wont push yourself into feeling overly hungry. Depriving yourself of enough calories is unhealthy for your body and you could cause yourself more harm than good.

The only thing i will say is to think about how you rate your activity - it is easy to think you're pushing yourself hard when really you might only be doing moderate activity.

If you're a student nurse i would definitely say only do KS for one week hun - your extra points are there for a reason :) xxx


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
sorry i meant dont just do activity so you can go over your normal points allowance. as in "making up for going over". stick to your point allowance and if your hungry eat ur activity points. dont just do it to make up for the fact you've gone over your points.
Here's what i had yesterday- had an issue with the evening and could do with some advice about that!

Breakfast: One slice of wholemeal bread and cheese (aka cheese on toast) with a muller light yogurt, banana, glass of juice and a white hot chocolate = 5 points

Lunch: WW bagel filled with WW coronation tuna, pepper and lettuce, a muller light and a packet of WW mini hoops = 5.5 points

Dinner: (and this is where the huge cock up happened) I WAS planning to have a nice quorn spag bol with passata and hunked up with veg, with a glass of white wine and a ww chocolate desert..turned out i hate quorn, after one spoonful and also hadn't browned the veg properly, so i ended up just eating the large portion of pasta I had with the small portion of cheese. I was SO hungry i decied to get something filling, and decided on a cereal- had a 30g bowl of special k, rest of my milk allowance and the dessert to finish. = 9points

Snacks: 1 potato, diced up to make chips made with fry light and a portion of mushy peas = 3.5

Total points: 23

I'm really annoyed at how my dinner turned out, I was planning on having a nice filling food meal, lots of veg and treats after and ended up just having a bowl of cereal due to a cock up..im worried this may affect my weight loss? I managed to save 3 points which i'm saving for a meal out on sunday (I didn't have a glass of wine in the end lol) However it's making me feel a bit of a failure :(

I'll update on today later- has gone a bit better!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
nah thats fine, its all trial and error with new foods. Atleast you didnt go over your points which is the main thing and you now know you dont like quorn! so atleast you've gained something from making a cock up!xx
nn89, if you dont go over your recommended 28 points a day you should still lose weight. x
Argh, i'm sooo paranoid i'm doing this wrong!

Ok heres today:

Breakfast I had: 30g bowl of special k, skimmed milk, with a banana and muller light yogurt and a glass of orange juice = 7 points

Lunch: Ready meal of a WW beef hot pot, diet coke = 3.5 points

Dinner: 100g of chicken, medium portion of rice with vegetables, a 300ml glass of white wine and a skinny cow icecream! = 10 points

Caramel shortcake
Carrot cake slice
Walls mini-milk x 2 = 5.5

Total points: 25.5

Total banked for this week: 3.5

if you're not over your points, you're not wrong sweetie :)

I'm just having nice foods, and treats etc- and i feel like..i'm just eating way more than i should!

I counted my calories, and it came to 1600, is that enough for my weight to loooose weight?! Also i have 3.5 points banked..and im feeling a craving coming on, and want to have a chocolate sponge pud, can i?!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
u can have a chocolate sponge if its with in your points. and its weird being able to have treats on a diet but aslong as u stick to your points u will lose weight, if ur worried bank 4 everyday or do kick start (over 14 stone 22 pts for a week, under 14 stone 18 points for a week)