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It is easier for us Anna to keep track of you on here
my fellow Slate team member


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Okie doke, i'll do so on here!

Is slate team still going? Its not had much activity and new posts so I moved to another team..:busted:

Ok, so here's my entry for the 24th & 25th May 2010

Today is the first day of many first days

Yup, I'm just another overweight woman attempting to document what will most probably be a rather failing attempt at weight loss. This will be my 7th attempt in a year to go on a diet. My first attempt went rather well, in April 2009 i started slimming world and lost 2 stone!!! .............Which was promptly put back on again over christmas and the new year

However this WILL be my fouth attempt at weightwatchers, and I sincerely hope this will be my last! I 'technically' started my diet on monday..yesterday...However this is what happened.

On the 24th may 2010, I decided to restart my weightwatchers diet on a good note. I'd already started my day with a healthy breakfast, eaten a steady lunch and walked about a 1000 miles around the hospital, On top of this I had time to go t the pool and do some lengths! However tragedy struck at 9pm..I had a glass of wine. Now I was perfectly entitled to have my glass of wine, I'd been working hard and it was within my points limit. However I'm not a heavyweight..and after the lovely glass of red wine, a second one seemed like a good idea.....and so did a third. After my 3rd glass of wine was finished (and was by this point 6 points over my WW allowance) it seemed like a FANTASTIC idea to have that sneaky bar of cadburys chocolate in my fridge..and eat it all DIET FAIL

So today has been another day- and so far, a good day!

Breakfast: Nestle Oats'n'more with honey and skimmed milk. With a muller vitality yogurt drink
Lunch: John martin lightlunch, YUM with special k chocolate bites and a muller light yogurt (chocolate orange........YUM!)
Snacks: Frys turkish delight bar

So dinner..I'm thinking warming up a stir fry, a weightwatchers cheesecake dessert, and a hot chocolate to try and beat those late night cravings.

As for excercise, well I woke up at 3am last night with the most excruciating leg cramps known to man. I was howling with pain and moaning for about 2 minutes but its left me with a weak leg, I tried to take the stairs today at work but it's been really tough and painful- SO I'm resting today but will be packing my gym bag for tomorrow.

3 things I learnt from today
1. Nocturnal leg cramps are bloody painful..but apparently are linked to pregnancy (note to self..take pregnancy test and stop blaming the chance you COULD be pregnant on the weight!)
2. Wine is nice- but an evil element in a diet
3. When hungry john martins tuna light lunches with sweetcorn can be the tastiest thing in the world

3 things I'm going to try and do tomorrow
1. Go to WW class again and get weighed
2. Drink more water and make packed lunch
3. Go to that body pump class..no matter how skinny and fit the people in the class look!!

Till tomorrow!!!


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First meeting

I fulfilled one of my goals today- i went to meeting. I decided to go to one slightly nearer to work and my gym (so I can pop in the gym on the way home..clever huh!) and was also the same church hall I used to go too back in my slimming world days.

I did feel out of place, I was all by myself..sat by myself..and..well...feel all by myself! I made the massive mistake of sitting in the front row aswell. My leader is lovely, and she is a massive inspiration In loosing over 10.5 stone....WOW ! However she's a very loud, tall woman...and i'm a very small, quiet girl, and it was rather intimidating at first especially in the front row. However her passion for the plan, and in supporting us for weight loss was fab. Unlike my last leader, I actually feel i can approach her!

As for the weigh in, well the weight has been gained. I'm not going to say how much I weigh, other than i was disappointed. Instead I'm going to set myelf a "june goal" I know its still may..but hey gives me an extra few days!!

My June goal is.. *drumroll*


Doable? I hope so! It gives me roughly 2-2.5lbs to loose a week, which is a reasonable goal, or am I wrong?

My Food Intake today
2 crumpets with clover light and a muller vitality yogurt = 5 points
Lunch: John west tuna light lunch, muller light yogurt, special k bites and a banana =
7.5 points
Snacks: Oh I've been bad..a frys turkish delight (2p) (I actually had this at 11pm last night but am adding it as todays) a petits filous little dessert (1 point) an options mint hot chocolate and a digestive biscuit = 4.5points
Stirfy with noodles and a WWFH caramel dessert =

Total: 26.5 points (daily total = 26)

The observant among you will notice i've gone over my points limit by half a point. I'm ok with this, i've spent a lot of today walking up stairs and have guesstimated it equals to a point!

I've been feeling very remotiviated today after going to class etc. However didn't have time to go to the gym what with university work catching up on me. I have tried to drink a bit more water, not as much as i'd hope as I got distracted but it was more than usual- and a small improvement atleast.

3 things i've learnt today

1. It IS possible to loose 10.5 stone and keep it off

2. Never dunk digestive biscuits, they will break off in your hot chocolate and you'll look stupid trying to fish them out with your fingers

3. Never trust what you see in the mirror

3 Goals for tomorrow

1. Get through 2 500ml bottles of water

2. Actually GO to the gym!

3. Try a weightwatchers soup for the first time- any suggestions on flavours?



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Yesterday was pretty much an awful day at work..I came home stressed, hassled and needing something to comfort. NOW, as a fattie..there is only one thing that comforts me


I even got as far as going onto justeat.co.uk and looking at some chinese menu's..I then counted what WW points they would be, and i simply would't eat enough to satisfy me. So I made the right decision, and made myself a large portion of rice- made egg fried rice, added some veg and sat down with a filling meal.

As for today, it's not been too bad.

Breakfast: I unfortunately slept in and had a bit of a 'grab and go' with whatever food I could find this morning, so breakfast consisted of a muller light yogurt, special k chocolate bites, banana and 2 crackers with light butter on. 6 points

I bought myself some lunch today, got a jacket potato with cottage cheese, and treated myself to a light ribena and a turkish delight. After work I was a bit naughty and had a vanilla frescato (low fat) from costa coffee, so my lunch was 10.5 points

Dinner: I am yet to have dinner, however I am planning a plum chicken stir fry with noodles, and a WWFH strawberry cheesecake for dessert. 9.5 points
Total: 26 points

Excercise is currently my downfall, i'm coming home from work exhausted due to doing 9-5 mon-fri. Its doing my head in, and simply isn't 'me'!. I'm going to try and go to the gym tomorrow morning for an hour before I head out.

Bank Holiday dilemma

Tomorrow IS going to be interesting. I'm having a pub lunch with netball friends in the afternoon, cinema in the evening and going out for drinks afterwards.
Any advice on eating ok at the cinema, any spirits which are low points I can drink? I may stick with my classic 'diet coke and vodka'?

Any tips from anyone who may actually be reading this?!

What I learnt today
1. You can never expect what life throws at you!
2. I should probably invest in a pedometer to see how much i walk around the hospital!
3. Cottage cheese is relatively low fat- RESULT

Goals for tomorrow
1. Go to the gym for an hour, please...just go anna..PLEASE
2. Enjoy myself at meal out and cinema but be sensible!

3. Make 3 meals for next week and pop them in the freezer



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gotta love the vanilla frescatos! :D and go, go to the gym! you'll feel better for going :) x


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S: 16st1lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(8.89%)
Sunday, 30 May 2010


I think I may have developed an addiction to the jacobs cream cracker, Last night instead of having my healthy bowl of pasta, I had 10 cream crackers...and you know what the beauty of them is? Those 10 cream crackers were only 5 points, YUM!

Todays food:

Breakfast: Oats 'n' More with honey, skimmed milk. Muller vitality drink, and yogurt = 6.5 points

Lunch: 2 slices of pork, carrot, gravy, new potatoes and apple sauce with a stuffing ball. Turkish delight bar for dessert = 8 Points

Dinner: Chicken lemon stir fry with WWFH chocolate brownie dessert = 9 Points

Snacks: Hot chocolate x 2: 1.5 points, cappacino low fat = 1 point.

Total: 26 Points

I'm feeling very full and satisfied too! Getting that dress was such a huge booster for me. I went to the vending machine at work today, there were twix's, mars bars..such lovely things, but the idea of me fitting into a size 14 dress, made me choose that tiny 2 pointer turkish delight!

Lets hope I can keep it up!

3 days till my first weigh in..eek!


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That's a lovely dress and I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in it! If you like cream crackers, maybe you'd like ryvita?


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Ahh kit kats..my mortal enemy!

I was doing so well today too!

Breakfast: 2 muller vitality yogurt drinks and a digestive biscuit (I was in a rush ok!)

Lunch: Quorn balls, with pasta, veg and sweet and sour sauce. It was actually yum! Accompanied by a muller light yogurt and a turkish delight

Then at 7pm, I'd not eaten since 1.30pm..and I was peckish, so whilst unloading the shopping (where I'd bought 2 packs of 2 finger kit kats for lunches) I had not just one kit kat..oh no, but TWO!! Ohhh i was so annoyed!!

However this CAN be rectified, for dinner I'm having: Quorn Lasagne, garlic bread (individual portion) and a mint torte

NOW after this 'incident' my total points are now a healthy 28.5- a good 1.5 points above what I should be having, SO after swearing blindly I will go to the gym at one point this week, I've booked myself in for a morning yoga class, which should hopefully make up going over these points. This has had to be one of my first challenges..before Instead of making a nice meal when hungry, I'd have tucked into the WHOLE pack of kitkats and eaten all of them!!

I've found a huge appreciation for quorn! In sainsburys at the moment there is an offer, 3 quorn products for £5! Ive bought chicken quorn bits to pop in salads for work, and ofcourse this lasagne!
Tomorrow will be my first weigh in, why don't you guess how much i've lost? The pearson nearest too it will get some rep!!!

What I've learnt today
1. Keep grazing and eating, otherwise the hunger will lead you to binge on the wrong things!
2. Kitkats are oh so good...
3. Vimto no added sugar is the best thing ever invented..as is dr pepper zero!

My goals for tomorrow
1. Go to class second week in a row and have a loss!
2. Keep grazing on good food, dont let my hunger dip!
3. Go to the yoga class!
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Ha ha your so funny :)
Im a Libra too........I also weigh near the same as you so we should get that 2 sizes down for our Birthdays hey :)
I think you have lost 2.5lbs :) xx


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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My First Loss!

2.5lbs - woop woop!!!

Am having a 'within points' chinese takeaway too- Will update tomorrow- VERY happy :)


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Thursday, 3 June 2010

The 'staying at home' syndrome

So after my succsess yesterday, I decided a little treat was in order and got myself a chinese that was within my WW points. However as a sufferer of IBS (or potentially IBD) it was a fatal mistake- and I was up all night with cramps and vomiting..NICE!

So after taking the day off working, and sleeping it off I woke up at 1pm HUNGRY! So i did the right thing, and had breakfast which was:

Breakfast: Small bowl of cheerios, muller light yogurt, muller vitality drink and special k mini breaks, for a filling 6.5 points.

I decided to spend my day sitting down and doing an assignment- instead of the gym as i was a little sore from the previous night. BIG MISTAKE, this is how my day went down!

270g of strawberries, with soya skimmed cream = 5 points
6 lowfat cream crackers = 3 points
1 digestive biscuit = 1 point
1 kit kat orange = 2.5 points
and 2 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee = 0.5 point

Total for my "Lunch" = 13 points


So, this left me with just 6.5 points for my dinner...I've decided to play it safe, dinner is going to be a Quorn lasagne, with 3 pieces of garlic bread and a WWFH caramel dessert- enough to fill me up, however this results in 8 points, and for those on the ball math wise, makes me 1.5 points over the daily limit.
However I'm going to look on the positives, it could be a lot worse..i could have just said 'screw it' and ordered a chinese, or some chips however I've recognised where I've gone wrong and i'm going to rectify it. Secondly those 1.5 points can be saved by walking up some stairs tomorrow, or going for a walk..even cutting down over the next few days, so it's not the end of the world.

On another note, my beautiful dress and shoes arrived today. Only to find the clasp on the back was non-existant, there was a thread tear in the overlay and the shoes didn't fit well and were too high than they looked. Will have to return them tomorrow. We were discussing in class yesterday about setting realistic goals, I don't think a size 14 dress..is realisitc. So, I'm going to settle to find a nice size 16 dress, and make the size 14 my christmas goal!


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Friday, 4 June 2010


mmmmmm graze box arrived today, full of goodies. I had the vanilla seeds and cranberry with pecan nuts for my lunch. Today hasn't been too bad.

I had a little slip up last night..a minor kit kat binge, however am vowing never to have a kitkat in the house again. I'm going to keep all my household goodies below 2 points aswell!

Food intake today:

Breakfast: Small bowl of cheerios with skimmed milk, muller vitality and a green tea

Pecan nuts with cranberrys, Vanilla seeds, couscous with quorn chicken, muller light yogurt, walkers sunbites anddd 1 digestive biscuit!

Dinner: Rice, 1/2 chicken breast, korma sauce and a WWFH dessert
Total points: 26

I also went to the gym- woo! I did 20minutes swimming, so earned myself 2 activity points, RESULT!

I've also been drinking a bit more water. I'm going to make sure I have a lunch made for tomorrow..I'm thinking pasta with pasta sauce, yum..! And maybe a spag bol for the evening?

I have 2 lovely long days to look forward too now! I dont think I'll have the energy to pop to the gym, but I'm going to try and keep on the go at work!

3 things i've learnt today
1. Vanilla seeds are yum
2. The sun is the best environment to get some excercise done in!
3. Green tea is really nice with a bit of sweetner

3 Goals for tomorrow
1. Ensure I have water on me
2. Throw/give away all snacks and bad things over 3 points I can potentially binge on
3. Don't take the lift at all tomorrow


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Saturday, 5 June 2010

My own worst enemy

what IS my problem! I'm setting back into old ways, the grazing on BAD food and eating out of boredom. I've not had any proper meals today, and i'm going to be totally honest now with what I've had to eat

Breakfast: a muller light yogurt

"Lunch": A punnet of strawberries, with 6..yes 6 "be good to yourself" (myarse) chocolate mousses. I was ok with this i thought 'ok i've pointed it, i'll just count it as my lunch'. However this OBVIOUSLY didn't fill me up, so throughout the day I snacked on around 12 cream crackers (low fat..like that makes a difference) ....and thats been it, oh and I just had 1 digesgtive biscuit.

I reckon if I have my dinner tonight this will set me back around 4 points over, SO..at 8.30pm today I will go to my gym, do 10 minutes cross trainer, 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the bike to PUNISH myself for how awful I've been.

I'm also going to cut 4 points out of my daily point limit starting from tomorrow- enough is enough anna, GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!


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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bad times


WOW.. I could probably have handled 0.5lb gain, but 1.5lb..er no. I'm really angry and disappointed in myself, I've not been sensible and i've played to temptation around me. I have tried hard, I have tracked when ive gone over etc, however discussing with my leader tonight I havn't been weighing my food, and Ive not been eating 3 steady meals a day. So, I'm going to aim for a 3lb LOSS next week to make up for this. I've bought the WW meal planner to go on my fridge, and also the tracker too.

On top of that 2 dvds I ordered came through today. One was the carmen electra striptease workout, and the other was the strictly come dancing 'dancercize'.

I did a 20minute workout today of the carmen electra, and really enjoyed it. I personally love dancing, and it was fab to be working out to an easy routine, and feeling sexy about myself at the same time- I was able to let go and get into it! I'll be trying the dancercize tomorrow

So fingers cross in replacement of the gym these dvds may make up for the days I can't go.

Its been a bad week- at this point I'd just say 'screw it' and give up, but Im going to soldier on and hope If i make some improvements, eat more sensibly and get some excercise done i'll see a nice loss next week to make up for it. I'll try and write on this blog more

SO here's to a better week!


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WOW.. I could probably have handled 0.5lb gain, but 1.5lb..er no.
Sorry to hear about the gain - you'll have it off in no time:) Well done for drawing a line under it :)

Would you recommend Carmen Electra's DVD? And the SCD one? I want some new workout DVDs - might have to look these up:)


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S: 16st1lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(8.89%)
Sorry to hear about the gain - you'll have it off in no time:) Well done for drawing a line under it :)

Would you recommend Carmen Electra's DVD? And the SCD one? I want some new workout DVDs - might have to look these up:)

I'd reccomend the carmen electras one, although the workouts are short and I can't see myself coming back to do them once ive mastered a routine. The SCD ones are SO confusing, the steps etc- I could do the warm up but that was it!!!

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