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No Added Sugar squash...


Determined to succeed!
Quick question... can I have Robinsons squashes if they are no added sugar?

The one I am drinking today (unless you say not to!) is the Fruit and Barley Summer Fruits one...

It is listed as 1.8g of carbohydrate per 100ml of concentrate (even more miniscule when diluted then I'd imagine?)

The ingredients are:
Water, Fruit Juices from Concentrate, Acids (citric, malic), refined barley flour, sweeteners (aspartame, saccharin), preservatives, natural flavouring, antioxident (ascorbic acid)

In fact, as I read that out it doesn't look good with the citric acid, and the barley flour!!!

But saying that, the carb level is so tiny, should I be ok? If not, is there a better one I can drink?

I have a hard time getting water down me - so like to have nice flavours to make it easier!

SD xx
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Mad Take Thatter!
I once kept drinking no added sugar vimto because it was so low carb but I couldnt lose any weight and I think it was down to the citric acid, everybodys different but keep it in mind, good luck :)


Clean green leafy machine
Yes, sorry Doris (can't call you Spotty, it doesn't feel right lol) - the citric acid is a big staller for a lot of people.

See how you go on it for a week and if you gain or STS and can't pinpoint anything else, then that's your culprit (apart from totm, sneaky carb creep or just bad luck :)).


Determined to succeed!
Bum. Ok - well, at least I know now and not later! Thanks all!

Will probs stop now, as I am not sure I'm in ketosis yet - and then try introducing it later on once I can measure my ketones to see if it knocks me out etc. It's like a science experiment! x


Clean green leafy machine
Good plan - but also try just having water to hand and just sipping it every 5 minutes, amazing how quickly you pick up the habit.

I used to drink water only when I'd run out of diet coke - now I do 2-3 litres a day without any drama :)


Determined to succeed!
I do try to keep water nearby, but I am one of these people that doesn't get thirsty - I drink for flavour rather than thirst.

I managed to drink a bit when I did LL for 6 months... we were told to aim for 2-4 litres a day, but I barely managed a litre if truth be known - and even then I had to mix it with water flavourings. I'm just awful!

Must Try Harder ;)

(P.S. I am sure my lack of fluid is one of the reasons weight sticks to me so well! You'd think that incentive would have me rushing to the tap!)

Hi Doris! I had some water flavouring left over from VLCD which is perfect for Atkins too. I've ordered more since from eBay, a bit pricey, but well worth it. I mix a little of a lemon flavour one with cream to go on my choccy MiM too, divine!! I also mix a little with Alpro soya yoghurt to "fruit" it up a bit :D It contains 0.3g carbs per tsp, so I only use a little and count it all in.

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