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No added sugar/sugar free orange squash

Does it have a carb rating anywhere Tasha?
Thanks for your quick reply Jim :)

Its 3kcal and 0.3g carbs per 250ml serving.
So if i drank 3litres of water made up with it, that would be 3.6g carb a day?

Its not so much the carb content I'm worried about but whether it would take me ouit of ketosis. The ingredients are:

Water, Comminuted Fruit from Concentrate (8%): Orange (5%), Lemon (3%); Pineapple Juice From Concentrate (2%), Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings, Acidity Regulator: Trisodium Citrate; Malic Acid, Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Metabisulphite; Sweetener: Sucralose; Stabiliser: Carboxymethylcellulose; Colour: Beta-carotene.

I'd give it a try then Tasha, though I'm surprised it seems so low carb.

You'll have to keep us posted about this one.
I've got 4 weeks until I finish Lighterlife and thne I'll go on the Atkins. I might wait a couple of weeks before I try this. In LL they give us a fruit water flavouring which tastes exactly the same but has 0.1g of carb per 250ml - however it costs £9 a tub (its in powder form) and lasts about a week. Which I think is flippin daylight robbery!
Jeez, that is daylight robbery indeed.

What a rip off.
There are a bunch of theiving so'n'so's! And are only interested in grabbing your money. I have lost over 2st but cant wait to get off it. I'd do it now but just don't want to seem like I'm "giving up", if you know what I mean. So will hang in for another 4 weeks.

Tracy P

Full Member
I think most people worry about the citric acid - apparently it can cause a stall, however I hate the taste of water, and always use a tiny amount of squash.
Tracy is right, citric acid does stall some people. I presume its only in there as its a citrus flavoured squash.. Is there any other flavours you like that dont have it in just incase? Xx
hi, perfectly clear, red apple still flavour, and also the sparkling strawberry and kiwi, taste fab and are carb free, and do not contain c. acid.
Ive seen them in sainsburys before. xx
I remember from when i was doing a vlcd there were people who bought a squash, no sugar added, and it did not contain citric acid so it was safe and it didn't affect their weight losses or bring them out of ketosis. It was made under Morrisons supermarket own label. Perhaps do a search online for details. Me - I love peppermint tea, hot or cold and drink loads!

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