No appetitae AT ALL


I will do this!!!
I was ill last week and didn't eat, now i feel fine but i still have no appetite. I can go a whole day without eating and feeling fine. Iv never lost my appetite before....wish it had happened when i was 17 then i might not be dieting now!! Should i make myself eat breakfast, lunch and dinner even though i really dont want to?
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I have no medical knowledge whatsoever so this is only my feeling, which is that you should eat something and regularly.

Although your appetite isn't there your body still needs fuel to burn - even if you are just sitting down.


I will do this!!!
Im not ill anymore so i dont know why my appetite has vanished.....its very odd for me.


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The same thing has happned to me and it's horrible! Without looking forward to my food, my days are empty (I know that sounds TRAGIC but I love my grub!!)
Also, I don't want to hamper my weight loss by not eating so I'm still trying to but it weird. I haven't felt hungry in a week, even if I don't eat. Then occasionally I feel hungry in my tummy but my mouth and throat don't want to even smell food. This is most unlike me!!


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I definitely think you should try and eat something. I loose my appetite quite regularly, especially when im busy I just forget! But eventually it comes back in full force and makes me eat everything in sight!! Plus its bad for your metabolism to not eat, goes into starvation mode and turns all food you do eat into emergency stores of fat?
This is what my mum always tells me anyway :)


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If you can't force yourself to eat anything yet, then drink milky drinks, like your coffee, options, etc, that way at least you will be getting some nourishment and vitamins inside you, then gradually move on to soups until you find your appetite returning.


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I'm opposite to everyone else and think that you shouldn't force yourself to eat much if your body isn't interested. I do agree that milky drinks will be nourishing and maybe a tonic from the chemist so that you still get your vits and minerals.


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I've had Bronchitis and last week I lost my appetite. But, I forced myself to eat something small every few hours, maybe an apple, couple of grapes or ryvitta etc....and I lost 4 lbs last week. So it must of helped and this week I'm keeping that in mind when I plan my food ;)

Everyone is different. But, I agree with trying to eat something, or drink something nourishing.

Take Care xx :)


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I don't see anything wrong with eating less but it can't be good for you not to eat at all. I also think you should try to eat something small every couple of hrs like a few grapes ect. You're stomachs probably shrunk because you havent been eating when you were ill so If I were you I would take full advantage and keep eating little and often so as not to stretch it again, it will become a habit.
As for starvation mode as far as I'm aware it's a myth. If it were true how would people become anorexic? Also people who do actually die of starvation don't die overweight.



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Everyone is different but SW has definitely worked much better for me if I eat only when I am hungry not because one should eat breakfast lunch and dinner.
I almost never eat breakfast and generally have one main meal a day with snacks if I feel like them (like SW type cake, mullers or fruit)
I did used to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. Although I stuck to SW 100% my losses were much slower averaging between half to one a week. When I changed it became 2 to 3 a week.


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I get like that every now & then, especially if I've been struck down quite badly with something. I don't tend to force myself to eat & eventually my appetite does reappear. It may be that worrying about it is just prolonging it?


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This is going to sound really controversial as it's a shame you've been feeling poorly and have lost your appetite (I expect you miss the excitement of mealtimes if you're anything like me!!) BUT....... think of the loss you're going to have at your next WI!!! Ooh dear, that does sound bad doesn't it, because noone would wish to be feeling so horrible, but it is a lovely boost when you know you've lost weight as a result of your ailment!!!X


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Ha ha I don't think that's bad Funcurls it's not as if pizzle's gone out of her way not to eat. I would feel the same way yayyyy bigger loss this week, well there's always a silver lining lol ;-)