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No appetite, no cravings, no nothing..

I am really struggling to eat now. Its not even that I am sick of meat and veg and wanting to eat carbs, I literally feel as though I could go for days without eating.

Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like I am forcing food down all the time and I resent that a bit!

I have ordered sero bars to help get some food in doesnt anyone else have any suggestions?

This is a pleasant but annoying side effect haha
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I know what you mean. Some days I'm like that. It's weird after being a carb freak for years & you can't stop eating!! Try your best. Some days I can face anything then other days I could eat a huge mixed grill. I guess it levels out. xx
I feel the same at the moment. Its great to not be craving and it makes me feel in control, but I find I just cant face breakfast at all. The only reason its ok at the moment is cos I on holiday and I can eat nearer lunchtime. But I think when I get back to work I might have a shake at breakfast time.
I am really struggling to eat now
to the point that I am gagging on food. My mum has gone out to get me some atkins shakes for today as apparently it was painful to watch me try and eat my lunch today!

I am also getting lectured from all my friends about hw dangerous atkins is, what and being fat isn't dangerous? I really need support not lectures from friends who suddenly think they are doctors.



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Racheal, ignore your 'friends'. Atkins or any low carbing (it's safer to say that ;)) has been proven to be safe. Obesity &, especially type 2 diabeties is not safe. Jus tkeep that in your mind.
As I said before Atkins does curb your appetite, but it will come back. Yesterday we struggled to eat, but today we've had mackerel & a huge mixed grill. One thing you won't be is hungry & wondering what you are allowed to eat!
Relax into it & read as much as you can & enjoy the food. As you've said being obese is the danger.
We all all behind you in this.

Embrace this way of eating & watch the weight come off. xxxx
I agree with Sharon, even now I'm on maint I still say Low carbing, that's acceptable it seems, Atkins isn't :sigh:
Well I can safetly say that atkins has been the best food plan (I don't like to call it a diet)

I am never hungry, never thinking about my next meal, I have energy and I am losing weight. Nobody is going to make me change my mind.

I told my mum I was sick of having no support, so she has started reading the book and following induction to help me along which is really nice :)

My sero bars arrived this morning so just tucking into one, I am going to invest in some atkins shakes aswell to help me out until I get my appetite back.

Thank you all for your support :) xx


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Hi Rachael

I've been the same - never been hungry first thing in the morning but get hungry later if I don't eat brekkie. But trying to eat lukewarm bacon and eggs on my 90 minute train journey just ain't an option (I've tried).

Am going to give a soya shake a go tomorrow - Holland and Barrett do a 90% soya protein instant powder (vanilla) - one scoop = 0.28 carbs. Will try it made with water and report back :)

I have spent today forcing myself to eat :( I am feeling really very sick. My dr has suggested I try a VLCD while I am like this and atkins induction when I want to come off of it.

Will I still be allowed in here for support if I do this? I am hoping to be back on atkins after a week or so, and this is definately the plan I will follow for life. Ketosis and stress is just making it impossible to eat and I feel very low :(


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Of course you can stay here with us Racheal! I'm glad your Dr is supporting you with this :)
We're here to support you hun. Hope you're feeling better soon xxx
Racheal, if you're not hungry, then don't eat love.


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I would miss you if you weren't here Rachael - just sorry to hear you've been feeling rotten, and hope you feel better very, very soon!

Susie x
you guys are amazing :D
thank you so much.

I have decided to use meal replacement with atkins style snacks in between to keep my metabolism firing and my fat intake up

sorry to hears your struggling at the moment jools hpe you new plan works out for you x

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