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NO CAKE = BIG LOSS!! woooooo!!!!!

oh crikey today is going to be a real test!! its my sis in laws bday and were either going for an indian or having a roast which both are fine i can have EE day and cut things out thats i'd normally have but the cake..... oooo the cake ive made..... 21 syns per slice...... ooooooooo i must resist!!! it looks soooooo amazing!!! do i have the power to take round a weight watchers yogurt 4 my desert!!LOL! X weigh in 2moro!!....
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I bet you do resist - the thought of the weigh in should help you. Have a lovely day and remember that if you really want to you can make a cake to celebrate your weight loss when you get to goal. I bet you don't though. I bet you are so proud of your weight loss that the thought of cake never crosses your mind. Take care.
ahh bless ya, i do hope i can stay strong..... id ike to think i will, and as it is weigh in tomoro that does help i think! now have underactive thyroid its sooo much harder to lose the weight! so that makes me want to stick to plan even more as its so much harder than it used to be!! x
At 21 syns a slice, personally I'd enjoy it and cut back those few extra tomorrow. Its only 6 over the daily allowance, worth it IMO.
hhhmm half a slice u sAy..... tempting......
I was going to say have it too! have it as a flexi day, or cut the syns back tomorrow to make up for it.

Having said that, my daughter had a birthday last week and I didn't have any of her cake, I made a mini cheesecake for me instead (SW style of course). but had it have been a chocolate cake... I may have had to have a bit!
wellll ive only had 43 syns this week out of 70, so does that mean i can use up to 70?? or does it not work like that?
Its Ok to use the syns weekly instead of daily. So 70 - 105 syns a week are allowed.
oooo wow!! i could have cake then!!
oooo wow!! i could have cake then!!
Yes and I think, in the long run, adapting the plan so you dont have to miss out on days like these is the way to get long term sucess.

That's what I really like about slimming world, nothing is off limits, the plan is flexible and not rigid.
well..... i was extremely good and didnt have cake!!!! and as a reward, weighed in this morning and lost 3lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!
thankyou!! yes i was VERY pleased with myself!! more for rsiting cake to be honest as hubby said it was actually the BEST one ive ever made!! thanks luv, that really helps lol!! x
yeah!! got away with that didnt i!! lol!! x
lol well done to you!!!

thats is determination!!!!

bet you feel double chuffed with yourself now.

girl power..whoop whoop :D

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