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What am I doing wrong?


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Thing I notice is that you're not really sticking to the plan. You're doing your own version of it. For starters you're limiting your carbs by all the weighing. That is not part of slimming world. Secondly you say you're doing EE, but your typical menu resembled a green day. So it was as though you were doing a green day, but weighing out your carbs as you would on a red day. But on either of those days you're supposed to have 2 HEB and 1-2HEA. So I would say from your menu that you are not eating enough, or eating enough of the right foods. SW after all isn't a calorie controlled diet, but rather the proportions of different nutrients that make it work, i.e. the high fibre content promotes weight loss.

I know it's weird to get your head around, but I seriously always lose more weight if I have all 15 syns and 2 HEA and 2 HEB (I'm veggie, so stick to green days.) I would say try to do 100% EE, eating both your free meats and carbs WITHOUT WEIGHING until you're satisfied and use your syns and appropriate HE's.

Good luck!

Have to agree. I do EE but don't weigh or measure anything except HEA, HEB and syns. I kept staying the same when I wasn't having enough syns. Once I started having the 15 syns a day the weight starting coming off every week.

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Well, I been reading on here and there is a lot of information to digest as it were..lol.
I weight in on Monday and had lost 1lb. I am okay with that as I feel great. I am eating a lot of fruit these days....actually I eat more in a week then i used to in a Month!!! But I also find that if I don't have fruit I crave it like made just the same way i used to crave chocolate. Slow looser that I may be I am certainly eating healthier than i have ever done before


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I crave fruit like mad. I eat LOADS of fruit, and my C hasnt told me off LOL


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:mad:I do wish they would have more consistent advice at group!!:mad: When I had a 1lb loss in my first week and was a bit gutted my C advised me to make sure that most of my superfree food was veg not fruit as its so high in sugar, and to not eat it late at night


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I have been doing sw since October and lost the grand total of 10lbs. I also did sw some years back and had great weekly losses, in fact I lost 13lb in the first 3 weeks, but now I'm lucky to lose 1 week out of 4. But, I'm not giving up as I'm sure I would have put on much more weight without going to sw. The thing I'm working out though is to have the 15 syns, be it sauce, gravy or treats and, strangely, eat good quantities of the foods allowed. Last week I made the sw cottage pie and the tikka curry, to name but two dishes, and they were fab and filling, hence this week I lost 2lb . So I've upped my meals this week and will see what happens.


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I reckon eating more veg would probably help. My husband hates veg so I have to try and hide it in meals! When I make bolegnese now there is far less meat in it than there used to be....loads of veg cut up small, grated carrot etc are hard to taste (or see)

Apparently if you eat something 10 times you get used to it. Perhaps trying having a little bit of veg you don't like with every meal and building it up?
It does work - I used to hate mushrooms but got annoyed at picking them out of things so I kept trying them and love mushrooms now!