No CD till Friday :(


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Earliest I can get to my CDC is Friday . I've got enough packs to last till Sunday, but it's all soups and they're actually making me sick :(.

I can drink the cartons fine, they're lovely. But the after taste from the soups is actually making me struggle to keep it down even after I've downed it. I like the taste of the soups, but my body seems to hate them.

So I'm on sensible eating till
when I can start 810 :(
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Have you tried adding more water? I know someone who used to make then up with 500ml of water. I use about 350ml.


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Could you not just contact your CDC and swap them? I know you work etc, but just a flying visit to her to swap??


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Hey NumNums I feel your pain hun - I asked for 7 soups this week as last wk only had 1 and thought it was alright. Got home with mine yest and tasted 1 flavoour and make be bulk then the next and it was the same! I text my CDC and i whipping over before work 2moro and she leaving bag on her porch with my exchanges in and I'm gonna do the same with the soups! Problem solved. Maybe you could suggest this x


please try again
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if i have soup i split the pack in two and make each half up with 500ml of water. ends up like having a cup a soup


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Mine suggested adding curry. I have no aftertaste that way