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no consultant


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my consultant has left for whatever reason, now she was a brilliant leader, looked fantastic, been at target weight for ages. We had another consultant last night who is also the same, at target and looks fantastic and she told us that we would be having the sort of team leader for the area for a few weeks until a replacement was found. A few ladies in my group know this lady and say that she isnt very inspiring. she has been trying to loose weight since 2002 and hasnt managed it yet.
what are the views here about consultants that have been trying to loose the weight and not managing for that amount of time, inspiring or not.
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Not inspiring, but not necessarily off-putting.

It depends how much energy, enthusiasm and knowledge she has, and how much interest she shows in both the plan and the class members. That is far more important, but I will say that a consultant who is able to say 'I've done it' is a bit more convincing than someone who is struggling.

Then again, a consultant who is struggling will be able to empathise with the difficulty people have in sticking to the plan and losing weight, so might be more in tune with them.
Why not wait and see what she is like and form your own opinion then?
How much weight is she trying to lose? I've known consultants who, like a lot of us, have got to target and for whatever reason have put some weight back on, maybe a stone, mabybe 2 and then really struggle to lose it, doesn't change how they are as a consultant.

I would very much like to be a consultant but do not have the time to do so, however, I have recently put a bit of weight back on, would that make me a bad consultant when I was previously a good one? Hypothetical I know but you don't know her circumstances.

Someone asked on here the other day how long it is taking to lose weight - my answer was a lifetime because, quite frankly, that is how long it takes to lose and gain and lose and gain....

Give her a chance, and lets face it, she'll only be doing it until a replacement is found.


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thanks for your advice. I agree jaylou, i am going to form my own opinion of her. a couple of the ladies at my group say that they are going to go elsewhere, but for me personally, i want to see what she is like.
I really asked the question to ascertain what people thought on the matter of consultants who have been on the journey for a long while but not managed to reach their target.
I would be a crap consultant whether at target or not as i wouldnt be able to offer a good level of support.
But one positive thing that i did hear about her, was that if you said that you were struggling in group then she would go out of her way to phone you during the week to offer help. whereby my old consultant didnt automatically phone you.x
I have had two consultants - one at target for years and one not at target yet. It was the latter, the one who hadn't hit target who was the most supportive, motivating, funny and yes, inspiring, of the two! Please don't judge this lady just because she is still battling her own weight demons. Give her a chance first, please. X


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Interesting question. I go to four different classes and none of the consultants are at target; in fact, they are not as slim as many of the members of their groups. I don't think it's a problem most of the time, but I must confess, upon not losing weight recently I have thought to myself, "SW is obviously no good for the last few pounds. I need WW for that" but.... then I have this site where many members have reached target with SW and are not "pleasantly plump" (like my consultants and me!) but slim, healthy and energetic. Thank goodness for minimins, I say!
My consultant at the moment is pretty slim but she says she isn't quite at target. She is a fab consultant. I know a few people who have made comments about other consultants who still need to lose quite a bit of weight and they have said it put them off SW as it doesn't show the diet works!?
My original consultant was maybe halfway through her weightloss and still wanted to lose about 3 or 4 stones and she always really struggled yet with her I got to my ideal weight, and I never once gave a thought to the fact she still struggled herself, she knew the plan inside out and gave good advice and I left group every week feeling motivated.
I think its more how they are a a motivator really and its also true that if they are still trying to lose weight themselves they can really empathise when you are struggling, but I suppose they can still do that if they have got to target.
I was/am at target (bit outside now) and I can honestly say that the 2 years I have been at target have been a struggle. I never found it easy at all.

As long as the consultant is interested, helpful and motivational it doesn't matter what size they are really.

Although I think to become a consultant you have to be within a certain amount of your target weight, what happens if you go outside? That I don't know!
I was/am at target (bit outside now) and I can honestly say that the 2 years I have been at target have been a struggle. I never found it easy at all.

As long as the consultant is interested, helpful and motivational it doesn't matter what size they are really.
Although I think to become a consultant you have to be within a certain amount of your target weight, what happens if you go outside? That I don't know!
I agree, I used to work with a lady who had previously been a consultant, she was maintaining her target and I always remember her saying that she always had to work at it, it was a constant battle.
There was a target member at group last night who also said she was finding it harder at target than she did to lose the weight.


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Hi, just because she is struggling with her own weight doesn't mean she can't be totally supportive and encourgaing to other people - I can plan other peoples meals, give them encouraging words and give advice when they fall off the slimming world wagon but find it really difficult to do myself. xx


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Maintaining is blimming hard work - i can say that much. But as far as consultant goes - because they are only ever recruited from the membership - they are people who know the plan, know the pitfalls, and are able to relate to other members. Providing they can bring this out in group and use their expereinces (be it ones they've gained getting to target, or the oens they are still experiencing getting there themselves) then good for them - it's got to be nerve wrecking standing up there week after week. (i know i got nervous enough talking about my own journey for the man fo the year competitions).

Consultants put a lot of hard work into running groups, and it is true that some can detour from the lpan as they are so busy looking after members that they sometimes loose their way on their own journey - but they always know how to pull it back when they are ready to.

But their job really is to motivate, and encourage and help you get to target - and that will always be their foremost concern.



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Consultants are only human, too. I know mine is very close to, but not quite reached her target. She has a figure to aspire to and it's nice, in a way, that we're on this journey together. She's working just as hard as us, not lecturing with an air of 'I've managed so why can't you?'.
As with class members who appear very slim, it's important to remember that the slim folk might already have lost 10 stone, and that's WHY they're slim; and consultants not at target also had to start somewhere - this is a lifestyle, not a diet, so we're all in it for the ride, at the end of the day :)
Me and my fantastic C were talking about this last week - she isn't at target and as she'll admit is far from it at the moment and quite honestly, as she said isn't in 'the zone' at the moment - does this make her a 'bad' C? No, not at all - she as someone else has said is only human and quite frankly the best C I've ever had and someone who motivates, inspires and is becoming a good friend too! Give the new C a go and see how you get on, you may be pleasantly surprised x
This is interesting because my group got closed (due to not having enough members) and I had to go to another group. When I told the girls in my original group which new group I was planning to go to, 2 of them said that they didn't quite like the consultant there. They didn't explain in detail why not but there was just a vibe or something that they didn't like. After attending the new group for 2 weeks, I quite like the consultant there! I know it's early days yet but she is a no-nonsense kind of woman (which I like!). If you have lost half a pound she'll encourage you to lose more next time. Not army style but firm and solid - and that's what you need. Well... some people don't like the firm approach but I think it works because it makes you want to lose more to 'show her'! (And I did... i came back the week after with a 5lbs loss!) ... so it worked for me.

At the end of the day, you did the right thing. You didn't listen to the other members and you went anyway to experience it for yourself. Well done.
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thanks for all your replies and i am looking forward to meeting her on Wednesday.
She isnt just a consultant she is the area manager for East Sussex. and i think that she has a no nonsence attitude.


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