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No Food Talk???

Hello All
I'm like a few others here been reading the forum for a while but only working up the nerve to post now. I'm on day 17 of LL and not doing too bad (could never have imagined before, 17 days with no real food passing my lips !!!!), but am having trouble with the no food talk thing, can't get my head around it, I understand why you shouldn't -some people will nibble and still lose weight-not fair to others- but if we can't talk about the food and mistakes we have made ,how do we learn from them?? Would appreciate some enlightement from others ,have I picked this rule up wrong??
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Do you mean 'no food talk' during your LighterLife meetings or here on Minis?

Several of us in Development (stage two after Foundation) have thought about this issue and I am (now) firmly of the belief that too much food talk sends subliminal messages that it's ok to cheat. I have not been 100% abstinent and I know that the switch from Foundation to Development was a shock because there was so much food chat. And my brain heard it all! The food chat alone didn't make me break abstinence but it put lots of food suggestions in my mind.

I don't know what the rule on Minis is so cannot comment but I feel we have all been quite open here and this is a fantastic space to share. There is one point of view that too much food chat is also enabling behaviour (condoning the lapses).

If you take the view that comfort eating is addictive eating (and LighterLife does), then it might not be helpful for others to hear messages about food when their minds are so open to suggestion and the person is so vulnerable. I saw LighterLife as being in rehab' and one of my fellow bloggers renamed it Rehab for Fatties, which always made me smile.

The problem is that we cannot abstain forever (like alcoholics or drug addicts) from food - our addictive substance of choice - and so it is really important that we don't sabotage our own (or others') efforts by focusing on what we have decided to avoid.

As you go further into Foundation, you will find lots of tools and techniques to help you deal with the tricky moments.

My advice to you, as you are so early on, is DO NOT DEVIATE from abstinence. Take it from one who knows! I wrote a beginner's guide to LighterLife (for my neighbour) if you are interested.

I'm not sure if I have answered your question but I know there will be lots of others giving their viewpoint and that's what it's all about. Minimins is the one place where you have the time and space to share and explore what's working/not working for you on LighterLife

Good luck!


Queen of the Damned
Hello and welcomeHandbag Queen (cool name!! ;) )

Dunno if I have missed something but what 'no food talk' thing are you referring to?? :confused:


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'No food talk' doesn't mean not talking about when you ate, it means that you don't mention the actual food that you ate.

You don't say 'I had a packet of crisps the other night' you just say 'I ate something the other night' You can describe why you ate it, you can describe how it made you feel, but mentioning the actual foodstuff might weaken the resolve of someone else in the group - particularly if it's that person's trigger food.


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Hi Handbag Queen and a warm welcome to minimins,

I think you can choose what you speak about - so long as it's not in the session: for some people talking about food means thinking and longing for food and they end up nibbling.

Later on you will address your urges to eat, what you want to eat etc. by writing your thought records - which is a very useful tool for those difficult days. At the moment you're adjusting to the diet and exploring what makes you eat, and what type of eater you are.

I imagine someone far more articulate and knowledgable than I am will give you a comprehensive answer soon, so sit back, enjoy the process - and the losses - and when you have a query ask on here as there will always be someone to give you a good answer.

Best of luck and look forward to hearing your story xx


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It's one of the group agreement conditions that you should go through in week one along with confidentiality, being on time, not talking over each other and all that.


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It's one of the group agreement conditions that you should go through in week one along with confidentiality, being on time, not talking over each other and all that.
Oh I see, thanks for explaining Cerulean :thankyou:
Thanks all for replying, it has helped alot!! I had found it hard to understand as I knew it was about dealing with your attitude to food as much as being on the food packs but that is obviously coming later in the programme for me. Mrs Lard has hit it spot on with what I am thinking about, the packs are "easy" (ha ha) but at some stage food has to be faced and it really is an addiction ,and twice as hard because you can go without drink or drugs but not food :sigh:
Thanks foryour welcome all:D, I'm 32 and have about 7 stone to lose, i have set my smart target at the three stone, I have always ben fat since a child so can't imagine being thin at the mo'. Myself and my hubby are doing this together, sooo grateful to him because without him I'm sure I would have crumbled by now, men are so lucky,he is just melting before my eyes !! My weight loss has been slow no big dramatic for week one 5.0lbs and 5.5 lbs week two, hoping to keep steady fingers crossed for week 3 wi.:thankyou:


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Hey there Handbag Queen - I strated LL in January aged 32 and with 7 stone to lose (actually more like 8) and I'm happy to report that I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks and then knew I could certainly get to the 7 stone...which I achieved a month ago...I've almost lost my last stone and I can't believe it's all happened so quickly. I'm 33 now (my birthday is in Feb) and I haven't looked back. Good luck!

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