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No longer a fussy eater!


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I suppose I was previously a fussy eater - not like some you here of, you know the type - will only eat fries, not touch meat, hate vegetables etc.

My ex said I was a nightmare to plan for as could never give an answer in advance - so ironic now as I plan up to 7 days ahead.

I think the change has came about because I had very strong preferences. I would eat meat, vegetables, salads, fruits etc. but was so narrow-minded and restricted that I'd sooner live off such delicacies as french stick/white thick sliced bread, butter, cheese.

I now try any food in any combination as I understand the value of not only healthy eating but variety too. I eat a whole load more mushrooms, peppers, parsnips (my favourite discovery), lamb, fillet steak (my "real" favourite discovery lol), and eat a lot more crab, scallops etc.

Most of all I've discovered the use of fresh ingredients and rekindled the love of cooking dormant for the past few decades. Like many I fell into the takeaway/ready meal trap for convenience and time.

loving food instead of gorging on it is much better.

What have others discovered they like or about themselves?
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I wouldn't say i was a fussy eater before slimming world, but since first doing sw years ago i discovered so many more foods, and for me i discovered that I absolutely love cooking.

Even when i've fallen off the wagon since, i've still enjoyed a wide variety of different foods and enjoyed cooking meals from scratch.

I know over the years my weight would still have yo-yo'ed, but thanks to sw I have developed a real love of cooking and proper food. To the point where i'm a bit of a food snob!!


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What SW mainly did for me was to cook more meals from scratch - I still have tins and packets and things like that for when I'm in a rush but with careful planning I can batch cook homemade meals and freeze for later.

Speaking of parsnips, I've just made a yummy soup with some - my OH has just had 2 fillings and he loves parsnips so he'll really appreciate it!


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Steve - that could have been me writing your post (and sarahm85's) !!

Gail x


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I suppose I've always cooked from scratch and liked veg. This time round however I have decided that I don't appreciate low fat things, for instance I use my HE as evoo and cook everything as it was meant to be. I don't feel as if I'm "dieting" and the food has the taste it's supposed to have. I know evoo shouldn't really be used in curries, but I really don't think you can do a masala (frying off the spices) in frylight and get a proper curry.
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I think I'm more of a fussy eater now, meaning I'm fussy about eating only the right things.

I think my tastes have changed though since starting SW, I've found I like more veg, stuff I used to hate as a kid, I hate anything cooked in fat or too much oil and can no longer eat white bread.

I absolutely love cooking, I find it very therapeutic and everything has to be cooked from scratch. However the problem I've found now is that when I've cooked the family meal, I'm no longer hungry and don't want to eat it :(


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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Yes, I can also relate to the food snob bit - especially when I tend to judge others:eek: (usually stick-insects at work who are thin but unhealthy lol).

Yes, perhaps fussy was the wrong choice of word. Narrow-minded or unadventurous would be more apt.

I am fussy now - same reasons as Alcoholiday:p


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