No Longer Obese


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Well done and why shouldn't it be a big deal you have worked hard for it. x


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Yay! I remember I burst into tears when I reached that milestone! Well done!

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I'm the same. I was devistated when I got weighed that I was OBESE I have always been overweight but obese scared me so now I'm doing this and it's the easiest diet I've ever been on. And the hardest mentally of couse. Fingers crossed at my weigh in tomorrow I too will be back into the overweight category and say bye bye to obesity forever!
Well done you. Next stop healthy weight :)


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Well done Joiya. I can so relate to how you feel.
All the time I knew i was morbidly obese I felt as though i should be dead!:sigh:


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Yep I have gone from morbidly obese to overweight. Next step - NORMAL!

Thanks for the lovely posts :)


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Joiya, that is a big deal!!! When I get there I'll be making it big deal! Well done you!!!

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It IS most definitely a big deal! Well done! It's a great achievement!


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Well done Joiya - congratulations!!!

Onward and downward.

Pinkie :)

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Yup! Well done Joiya!! :)

Oh... and, as of today... I have joined you!! ...29.6!!... Woohoooo!! ;)

I'm officially no longer obese either! I've not been in this BMI range for years... (can't believe I'm so happy about just being classed as 'overweight'! Lol!!) Still... less than 5 to go before I'm... normal!! Holy moly! :D

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Hey, its a HUGE deal....just think, every time the 'obesity culture' is mentioned on the news you'll be able to think to yourself "thats not me anymore" give yourself a big pat on the back - you deserve it!!!


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Wow, its so inspirational to see someone similar to my start weight do so well. Amazing. What are you doing to celebrate? :)


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Well done Joiya!

That's fantastic news and it is a big deal so you shout it from the roof tops.

It must be great when the weight falls away - well done!:talk017:

Kirstie xx


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Oh well done! I cant wait to be over weight!!! lol that sounds awful you know what I mean.... coming out of the obese category is a HUGE deal!!
I was thrilled this week when I came into the 13 stones.... its been a while!
You should feel really proud of yourself! I hope to join you real soon!