:( No Loss


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If you've stuck with the plan it will come off, i promise - might be next week but it will come off.


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my cdc said that some weeks your body might just retain water and you might stay the same or it could be coming up to your time of the month or something. she said its nothing to worry about because in the end it just balances out.

i havent had a week yet where i have STS but i have found that some weeks I lose more than other weeks but by the end of it all i tend to lose a stone a month.

also like you said your clothes feel loser so something must be happening!! stick to it and im sure the scales will catch up soon :)


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Thanks guys.

Sometimes when We are down we always need another persons input.

I hope the scale result is better in a few days.


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Thats really tough but my CDC always says to me there is no way that CD can't work - it might not show up where and when you want it to but if you stick to it 100% then it will happen - I've hung onto that for dear life some weeks.
Hope the scales shift soon!


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I put on a pound a few weeks ago, was very displeased, but was still determined!!!

Stick with it :)


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imes you can lose inches not pounds :) keep going


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Keep going and it will come off eventually :) When is you next WI?


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Congrats :clap:...keep going! This diet really works if you stick 100% ;)


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2 Lbs thats good - 4 packets of butter gone......keep going the rest will follow - it can't not follow as long as you are 100% - don't forget to drink enough water, that helps too (my downfall!), and make sure you are eating all your shakes - once i'm in ketosis often forget to eat until the evening because I just don't feel hungry