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No mention of healthy extras...


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they should be there in the food optimising book? I dont have it near me so I couldnt tell you the pages but its definitely in there! x


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did you start this year? is it the green food optimising book for 2010? x


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Do you mean the Food Optimising book that you can buy from bookshops with mostly recipes? If so then no it won't give you all the information about the SW plan because then people would have no incentive to join as members.

Healthy extras are there to make sure that you have recommended amounts of calcium, fibre and protein in your diet. If you take a look at the thread for newbies in the section about explains more about it. The number you get depends on the plan you are following but basically 'A' choices are milk and/or cheese and 'B' choices are bread, cereals, cereal bars, oil, dried/stewed/canned fruit, some canned soups, wholemeal pasta (on red), meat and fish (on green), nuts/seeds/cheese (on green). There isn't a list but we can give you advice on what you can have and how much you are allowed of each.

Hope that helps


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No it is a white cover and says 'food optimising' in orange. I got it from ebay. Is this the wrong one? It has loads of recipies and menu plans but I cant see anything about the healthy extras.


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It would be worth trying to get to a class to join, even if it's just for 1 week, so you can get the food optimising pack. Then as previous memebrs have said we can guide you with amounts, but we're not allowed to give you the full list, since that's what members are paying for, if you get my drift.