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No more dieting for me!


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Hi all I have had enough of dieting and losing and gaining the same weight over and over again :cry:
So I am joining in with this part of the forum and losing weight my way without all these rules, syns , points etc

I am gonna follow the Paul Mckenna style of eating when hungry and enjoying what I eat but wont be listening to the cds just doing it my way.

I dont care how long it takes to get my goal aslong as I get and stay there forever!

I have changed the way I feed my whole family too as my children were starting to eat way too many sweets and chocolate bars! They are not overweight but they would have been pretty soon if it had carried on!!

I also enjoyd doing c25k last year but stupidly stopped so once spring comes back round I am gonna start running again a few times a week :D

So heres to being healthy forever :D
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Welcome on board Hun.... I do exactly the same, healthy eating bit of exercise... No restrictions or counting just me and my will power making sensible choices.... I was 16.13 back in September and I'm currently 15 dead.... I've lost this all before Xmas and have managed to only slightly fluctuate over Xmas and have lost it again a couple lbs nothing major... But I've learn soooo much about my body and what I must do to lose weight.
My hubby says it's the most sensible way, whilst SW WW cd etc etc might help you lose weight quickly or steadily whatever you are following someone else's rules.... And it always feels a diet rather then a life style change, I think it's important for us to learn on our own the importance of the choices we make and following someone else's diet doesn't help I personally think....

So goodluck.... It can be done Hun so stick to ya guns and here's to a life style change for the good xxxx


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Cheers Laura :D

You have hit the nail on the head because if you are following a diet then it has to end and that means returning to your old habits whereas by changing my habits I will never stop a diet as I never started one lol

You are doing brilliantly and I hope that I can do the same x

I just did a week of exante and lost 12lbs which was fab but I was miserable and it finally showed me that diets are no good and its only once I change my attitude to food and eat differently forever that I am gonna be successful :D


Hi ladies. Can I join. Totally agree with your sentiments. Change your lifestyle is the only way to go. There are no permanent fast miracles :-(
We will do it through better life choices :)
Here's to the life changers lol


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Hi xxl and welcome :D

Lets help each other through this!

Am feeling very positive this morning, I play darts on a monday and at 1030pm we were served sausages, chips and bread and butter which normally I wolf down despite having had a massive dinner but tonight I had had a reasonable sized dinner and then didnt have any sausages, chips or bread as I wasnt hungry and just didnt fancy it :D

Early days I know but long may it continue! :D


@ fultum
I love the name. Great. Well done on resisting the pig and chips. Lort that was a toughy!! Your a better person than me I think :)
Having hard days and easy myself. Being more conscious of my actions and finding I am listening internally more.
Early days for me too but really liking where I am heading for the mo :)


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Hi xxl :D

I really didnt fancy the sausages as I just wasnt hungry whereas before I would have eaten them for the sake of it lol

Hope you are having more easy days than hard :D


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Can I join in here too, Im crap at dieting and I have decided to give myself a break, Im going to eat healthy and exercise more, but I dont think Ill weigh in, because it tends to make me self sabotage, and end up in a binge cycle. Ill just focus on becoming a healthier happier version of me:)

Eternal Optimist

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Can I join too please:) I'm 5ft 0 and 14 stone 10lbs which is 4stone and 10lbs more than the weight I think I would feel comfortable and be able to maintain. I have tried Slimming World in the past and really liked the 'Red' days but I'm not too good at doing the 'syns' bit:cry:(well I'm first class at 'synning' but crap at the calculations and having to constantly check with the book!)
I aim to focus on making healthier choices, going for low fat or sensible options and portion control. I would like to start walking more and maybe do a fitness DVD and see how I get on. I've not set a time limit on this because to be honest I think this will need to be a permanent change...not a diet...but just a healthier approach to food and exercise:)

Trolley Dolly xx

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Just read some really good books about changing habits and dieting..one really good one is Marissa Peer's I can make you thin...bit similiar to Paul McKenna but she is a nutritionist as well.
Also, the other which was very good and funny was...Only Fat People Skip Breakfast by Lee Jangoly.
Going to start healthy eating too, as dieting/binge cycle is just making me unhappier and fatter!! Sure this will not be a walk in the park..if it was we would all be slim but got to be worth a go! Who knows may even work.
Not going to weigh myself, just make better choices and think what I putting in to my body.

Good luck x


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I just read Gillian Riley, say goodbye to overeating, I thought it was excellent and has motivated me to move towards a healthier lifestyle. I'm going to exercise 3-4 times a week as well.


Might get a book. I don't generally do books, think they are great for a few weeks but find they end up on the book graveyard shelf and gather dust but might give it a try again!!
Had a blow out over the weekend. Finished now so this week is going to be a good one.
Happy days people :)

Eternal Optimist

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Official Start

Ok..this morning official start weight was 14stone 7lbs which means that I have lost 3lbs of water and gallons of festive induced vino over the weekend:eek: I also have been making sensible choices and upping intake of fruit and veg and protein and cutting back on carbs.
Going to weigh myself monthly as I feel that fits more in with a healthy eating programme and doesn't add the pressure of the weekly weigh and hopefully the obsession you get with food when on a 'diet'
Next weigh in will be Monday, 13th Feb but I will pop in here more regularly than that for inspiration and to see how everyone is doing:)


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Hi everyone :D

Eternal Optimist- I am trying not to weigh too often as a bad result after a good week of eating can really throw me and lead me to giving in :cry: Am gonna aim for 2 weeks before next weigh in and then 3 then 4 etc. Good luck x

XXL heres to a good week for you x

Shrinkingannie- hope the book helps and that you enjoy your exercise

Trolleydolly - complete agree about needing to break the binge/diet cycle as I am just ending up fatter with each diet!!

Well the last week has been fab! I have enjoyed everything I have eaten and not felt restricted at all, I am amazed at how little my body actually needs compared to what I used to feed it!! I lost 2lbs this week which means I have lost a stone since january 3rd!!

Im starting to feel like I want to start exercising again so am gonna dig out my 30 day shred dvd and maybe start that again.

I am looking forward to starting running again but think I will wait until this cold weather is over as I have to go out at 5am to fit my run in and I dont fancy falling over in all the ice lol


You all sound like my kind of people!!:D
Im a terrible yo yo dieter and am trying to 'fix' myself this year by just eating healthy foods (lots of fruit, veg and home cooking) and slowly upping the exercise (will get the dogs fit too!!LOL).
Im hoping that with a monthly weigh/measure and making changes very slowly I can kinda sneak up on myself with health and fitness!!:eek:
The buzzword this year is 'sustainable' weight loss.;)


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Hi fatcatz :D
It definately sounds like the place for you and sustainable is definately the result we are all after!

Goodluck with your journey and just shout up if you need any support x


Hi All,
So seriously need a talking to..really pigged out at the weekend and trying to reign it back in but its becoming more and more difficult..
No more dieting head on me but I have to have some guidelines
Help please!!!!


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xxl I would strongly suggest reading Paul Mckenna as it helps stop the guilt you are feeling plus no food is out of bounds so you never need to get back on the wagon as you cant leave it lol

The general rules are
1 Eat what you want (anything you body wants you have so if you want cheesecake for breakfast then have it)
2 Eat when you are hungry (if you are not sure if you are hungry have a glass of water and wait 10 mins as thirst can feel like hunger)
3 Eat slowly and conciously (the aim is to chew each mouthful about 20 times and to put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls)
4 Stop eating when full (this can be hard to start with but you soon get the hang of it, no more finishing your plate just because!)

It has made a massive difference to me and I am loving food again instead of eating what I think I should even though its not particularly nice!

Mainly though stop giving yourself a hard time as you are human and we all make mistakes xx


Hey Fulltum,
yup your so right but as we all know the right things are not always the easy way...well if it was easy then i suppose we would all be experts lol
I suppose the hardest thing for me to do is to get out of the mind set that you have to be careful as to watch what you eat but then i suppose if you take away the guilt then you dont feel its forbidden foods and tyrn to it when you tbink you need a crutch!! If you get me!! lol
Thanks for the chat: i am off to eat a rhino now just coz my body wants it lololol


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Well this new no diet is working well as I have lost 3.5lbs this week :D

Hope everyone else is doing well x