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  1. jules67

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    Hi I am Jules, tried this about in 2011 but not really committed , but now there's no excuse I really need to lose this weight that has been gradually building up ! Not getting any younger ! ( who is lol) but met a wonderful man who proposed last year and the wedding date and venue is booked ....gulp... Now I have to start looking for a dress ... Given myself to May before I really start to look .... Ok need to lose 3 stone ... At least ...
    met my consultant last week and she was great got the shakes and soups and today is my 4th day on SS+ and I am managing it ... Feeling ok just craving a little and overwhelmed by the amount of fast food places that suddenly seem to be shouting at me , when I never really noticed them before , but I will do this , if any one feels like getting in touch or lending some support or just wants to chat that would be great.... Been reading your posts and very inspiring x
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  3. beckyk

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    Hey Jules, congratulations on the engagement, how exciting :)

    I also need to lose 3-4 stone and have been on ss for 2 weeks, lost 11lb so v happy so far :) have you tried the mix a mousse? I add it to choc mint shakes and it's lovely :) also the water flavourings are nice. I didn't try any of these things last time and this time round seems easier with the variety.

    Good luck with your journey :)
  4. jules67

    jules67 Member

    Hi Becky wow that's brilliant and thank you ! It was quite a shock when he asked me :) In the middle of a music festival and he was singing on stage ! Lol !
    Just met my consultant on Thursday and started Friday and first weigh in is on wed morning so I will ask ! She mentioned the mix a mousse and flavourings but said later for them ! But I think I need bars ! Out today and I was ready to wrestle my partner to the ground just to get a cough sweet ! Lol
    but if you want to join up to keep each other going that would be great !
    Jules :)
  5. jules67

    jules67 Member

    Ok weigh in tomorrow but only started Friday so it's only really 5 days so hope it's good fingers crossed !:)
  6. beckyk

    beckyk Member

    How did the weigh in go? Are you getting on alright? Sorry for the late Rey, I lost the thread as it wasn't showing. That's a romantic proposal, totally unexpected, lovely! I had the mix a mousse from the start and I've been glad of it. The lemon bars are so nice, don't even like lemon stuff normally. Have you tried mixing 2tsp of instant coffee granules into a hot vanilla shake :) yum! Fab in the mornings. Have you tried any you recommend? Becky
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