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No more excuses!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
In the past I have been guilty of sitting in class listening to other folk fessing up to going to McDonalds, pizza hut etc and still losing a couple of pounds and saying I didn't know why I hadn't lost weight. Well I was in denial! Had I really been truthful I would have said I couldn't have put my hand on my heart and said I had followed the plan 100%. I had always overindulged on the old alcofrolic beverage, and probably snacks afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!:17729:
This time I have stuck to the plan. I have upped my syns from 10-15 a day and stopped fannying about! In consequence, I am losing weight faster, and more consistently than I ever had!
And the moral of the story is? Stick to the plan and you WILL lose weight! :)
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A moaning old boot!!!!
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Well done you x x x x x x x x x x


Starting over
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well done, glad to hear it's working so well for you. I love that SW gives you the freedom to enjoy anything you like - just plan it into your week.
I also keep a food diary and try to put down everything- although after watching that BBC prog last night i will try even harder to be 100% accurate:)


Finding inspiration
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It's true... I went through the same thing. I had to stop an really analyse my eating and it turns out, I was my own worst enemy. You're right Judimac... follow the plan as the books say and it'll work. No question.
S: 11st3.0lb C: 11st7.0lb G: 9st7.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: -0st4lb(-2.55%)
Good attitude :D

It's hard though, when people do come to class and say how bad they've been but then have a great loss...and there's me STS or losing ½ having been good, or ever so slightly over syns but not half as bad as them!

Last night the SoW hadn't even stuck to plan and lost 4lbs! LOL! And another woman had drunk about half a bottle of vodka, pizza, chips and a kebab...and lost 3lbs. And she is the same weight and height as me!!

We are all different, I know...but still, sometimes...GRR! LOL!
S: 12st6lb C: 11st12lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st8lb(4.6%)
Yey good on you. :D
Ok well if we are all fessing up - I too cheat a little and this week it is catching up with me :eek:. I eat something and think oh that will count as a HEX but it really doesn't - I got away with it in the begining but it's time to stop.
As of the 1st of June it's 100% all the way baby (have a night out planned on Sat).


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I totally missed this bbc programme last night! not happy :(


Slow but sure....
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I've just watched it on BBC Iplayer.....it is a really good programme, I learnt so much more from it, very interesting.


Getting fit for 30!
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Haha, very true, maybe you should put a bottle lid in your pocket for every drink then the next day if you have enough lids to make a new bottle, then you've probably had a few too many :p
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
confessing your syns is always the way forward! *saintly glow over here* hehe.

im sure were all guilty of 'forgetting' one or two things and then complaining with the outcome!
atleast you recognise this and am proud of you ! .. i think your doing so well. you should be proud of yourself.. even more so for being able to admit your naughtys and moving on from it! xx

The Maid

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G: 10st3lb
To weigh or not to weigh?

From Sat. to yesterday I decided not to weigh myself every day like I normally do as in group the consultant was saying it is not a good idea (and I was the only one who owned up to doing so). Well, I know that I haven't been well so have been indulging in cough medicine and the odd sweet for a sore throat plus an ice cream sundae at Thorntons on Bank Holiday Monday but I was disappointed to find that I had put on 2.2 pounds in such a short time. I have never recorded a gain at group and, as I have always weighed myself every day, whenever I put on a half or a pound in a day I would be extra careful the next day and hence quickly lose it in time for WI at group. So, for me, weighing every day is a good idea as it motivates me to keep to the plan. What does everybody else do or think of this?
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I think if it works for you, then thats great. But i try very hard not to fall into the trap of weighing outside of class, as i think im one of these people who could very easily create a real problem with food if i let myself, getting obbsessed so forth.. i tend to focus alot of my attentions on one thing at a time, and now that i am close to target i am weening myself off of not thinking about sw every minute of the day lol.. because although i will always be on the plan.. i want to enjoy my life now that i am healthy to do so!
i think if thats what keeps you motivated then thats great for you, and no one should tell u otherwise, but i personally.. never weigh out of class.. because i know when i weigh, in the same clothes, at the same time, on the same day every week.. that thats my true weight.. xxxx
im new to all this but my scales have told me i lost 5lbs in 1 day, but put it back on by the next so i will only weigh myself at the same time on the same day every week is that right?

charlotte x


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
That's the best way to do it. 5lbs in one day - probably water. Was it first thing in the morning? You always weigh lightest in the morning.

Best thing as you say, is to do it same day, same time, same scales and if you can same clothes. :)

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