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no more meatloaf..please!

Just tried to have my usual meatloaf and cottage cheese for lunch...

...and i just can't face it :eek:

I'm not sure if it's because I'm so close to target and psychologically I know i'm moving onto conso soon...

..or the more reasonable explanation: I'm just sick of eating it! I've more or less eaten it every day, for the last nine weeks - it's no wonder !

It could be is that after eating tinned Mackerel in Spicy Tomato Sauce for lunch for the past few days - Meatloaf just seems dull and bland. The mackerel is soooo much tastier, but no good for PP days.

Conso is calling...

...must. resist. just. a. little while. longer. :banghead:
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I couldn't eat it every day .... I struggled having it 3 days lol
Time for a change I think...

How about baked chicken in a spicy herby crust?
Or tuna mixed with balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs?
Omelette (if you need a packed lunch, cook it, let it cool and cut into into strips, like noodles)
Burgers with a bit of chilli and garlic added? (again, you can cook them and cool them to pack for lunch)
I definitely need a change..

Don't think I can face dry formed mince (burgers, meatballs, meatloaf) on PP days anymore....isn't a prob on PV days as I can make tomato based sauces with it.

I don't like cold food, but I'm fortunate in the fact that I work from home, so it's no problem just bobbing down to the kitchen and warming something up that I made previously, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil..

Think i'm gonna revisit white meat - it's been a while since i've poultrified.

I like the sound of the chicken with herb crust? is that on the recipe thread somewhere?
I like the sound of the chicken with herb crust? is that on the recipe thread somewhere?
It's sort of an adaptation of a recipe for Southern Baked Chicken that I put on the recipe thread yonks ago - chicken pieces dipped in milk then rolled in a mixture of oatbran (and/or wheat bran) with salt, pepper, chilli flakes, crushed garlic and lots of herbs, then baked on a sheet.
Here's a chicken suggestion that includes oatbran.

Mix together your 1.5tblsps of bran with some salt, pepper, dried herbs and chilli powder on a plate.

Take skinless chicken breasts, dip into a bowl of skimmed milk and then roll them in the seasoned oat bran to coat.

Pop the chicken breasts onto a baking tray and place in a hot oven until cooked through and crispy.

Voila! Southern Baked Chicken!

..found it!! Will defrost some turkey breast overnight and make it 2moro.

thanks Atropos xx
let me know how u get on after 9 weeks of the stuff - that was my limit! :sign0137:

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