No More TRF For Me..


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Hi everyone,
Im sorry to say ive fallen off the wagon. I was very sick yesterday :boohoo:and threw up my second shake and was in pain with cramps in my stomach all day and couldnt stop crying for no reason at all :cry: I had a dry piece of toast last night, and it seemed to settle my stomach, but i couldnt even look at my shake this morning without heaving!! :(
Im still feeling abit icky aswell as fat, disappointed, and mostly ashamed of myself for letting myself down. :sad0071:

Ive decided (if i can stomach them tomorrow) to go on to 2 shakes and i evening meal tomorrow for a week and see if i feel any better, i know this will slow down my weight loss but do you think i will still lose weight?

Im so depressed :raincloud: and feel like such a failure now and im sorry for letting everyone down and not continuing with the TRF, but good luck to everyone else, i know you can do it. :gen126:

Skinny x
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S: 15st8lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.67%)
:sign0163:??? No??? :giveup:

Sweet Cheeks

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:hug99: Hugs for ya hun sorry to hear your having a rough time theres nufin worse than bein ill, Try what you said for a few days see if that settles ya tummy but try not to fall off the wago too much once u start to eat

The best thing to do to try getting bak on ya shakes is to vary em try some of the recipes on here

Keep us posted and let us know how ya gettin on xx


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S: 15st8lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.67%)
Thanks for the reply sweet cheeks, i am going to try it this way for a little while because i found the 3 shakes a day a complete nightmare, i was fine up to day 6 but thats when i became sick. I am going to the chemist in the morning to be weighed and get advice on doing the 2 shakes+meal. Im planning on having protein & salad for dinner, surely i must be able to lose weight this way as itl be not much more calories then the 3 shakes a day??


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hi skinny me, let me know what your pharmacy says about having the 2 shakes and a low fat/carb meal.

Its my first day, ive drank all the water but i'm starving


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Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough, hope you feel better tomorrow.

I suspect they will say to have all 3 shakes and a small meal a bit like ss+ for cambridge. Those who do that still have great losses, sometimes better than those doing the tfr version.


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So sorry hun to hear you've been unwell on the shakes. I don't see a problem with the 2 shakes + , but remember NO CARBS. If you stick to the protein and salad you could remain in ketosis and still have good losses each week. If not, perhaps you could switch over the Cambridge and do the SS+ with that program or one of the other levels. Good luck tho hun x x x


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Good luck hon.
Re the shakes, have you tried watering them down more? I split my sachet in two and have each half with a whole pint of water. That way it's really diluted and doesn't really taste so bad.

The first week or so is worst because your palate hasn't adapted yet