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No Morrisons in NI!!

No morries close to me! PS Irish Chub, when I lived over there many years ago, I remember the first Sainsbury's opening, I think it was Ballymena and we were overjoyed when Tesco opened in Lisburn!


shrinking granny
Disgusted, I keep seeing lovely recipes which require Morrisons Eat Smart pork sausages which are apparently free but we dont have any Morrisons in Belfast!!! Arrrrghhhh!!! :cry:

there is a butchers in Comber who is registered with slimming world that sells syn fee sausages / beefburgers


shrinking granny
copy and pasted this up for Irishchub

Anyone in Northern Ireland............. just thought you might like to know a butcher in Portadown ( T. Knox & Sons) has started to do products "certified and approved by Slimming World".

The are currently offering the following:
Steak Burgers - Free Food (look lovely)
Low Fat Mince - Free Food
Pork, Leek & Onion sausages - 1 syn per 100gms
Pork & Black pepper sausages - 1 1/2 syns per 100gms
Vegetable Pork Roll - 1 syn per 100 gms
Pork & Garlic sausage - 1 syn per 100 gms
Plain Pork sausage - 2 syns per 100 gms.


For those in N.I theres also one in Bangor and Comber!! My mum got me a few burgers from Bangor...were pretty nice!!
lol @ jaylou, i remember when they first opened asda here, we were queueing out the door to get a squiz at the George clothes!!!! Our local asda is pants now though! lesserme - this is GREAT!!! Thanks a million for info, might be worth the drive to get some to freeze!!! I'd love to make a big load of stuffing for free all the same!! I looked at the joes sausages website too, and they dont deliver to NI!!! Arrrghhh!!!


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lesserme,were abouts in bangor is the butchers please and also in comber.thank you.


shrinking granny
lesserme,were abouts in bangor is the butchers please and also in comber.thank you.
don't know fatbunny, have heard the girls talking about it in class.

will ask tomorrow night.

(quote) zoe...... theres a butchers on the woodvale road that sells slimming world meat, sammy mooneys!


Nojo on the YoYo
i'll swap you your sausage problem for my not-being-able-to-get-Nimble-White-bread problem :cry:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
To be honest, you're not missing much with the Morrisons sausages, they're pretty dry and tasteless compared to the real thing!
lol, the problems we face! Vixxter, Im more a fan of wholemeal so not feeling your nimble white problem, though I do feel sorry for ya cos I can get it everywhere! (Dont mean to gloat!!) Judimac, your making me feel a lot better about the sausages lol, its so silly but in my minds eye they are the most DELISH ones in the world!! lol All the NI girls, thanks for the info!! I've just found out theres a butchers near me that sells SW meat but tbh, I dont think its worth it - 2.5syns per sausage seems a wee bit high to me?!?! And Fern, we have a huge Sainsburys opening down the road, will def try their cumberland sausage - will skin them and use the insides for my big stuffed chicken im dying for!!!

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