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No one missed me!!

Hi Gang, well i expected a couple of pm's or a thread calling "where are you Daisy"?? but no I was not missed at all not even by sudra!! lol Anyway, my internet wouldnt connect, and i have a new job so I cant get to weigh-ins on wednesdays so I have to go on saturdays now. Week 13 weigh in tomorrow (hope its not unlucky) lol Hope you are all doing well xx :D
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I did miss you babes but I haven't been on here so much either as been helping a friend with stuff.......

Good luck for tomorrow and the new job, what is it you're doing:D
I missed you too hun... I just thought you'd copped the strop!! pmsl x x x

Congratulations on your new job x x

Is you weigh in tomorrow overdue or early? I know what i mean, i just hope you do x x

I must remember the "my internet wouldn't connect" excuse next time i don't pay my bill!! lol

It is lovely to have our Captain Sensible back, and lots of luck for tomorrow, but i am sure you won't need it x x x
Su forgive my stupidity but what does pmsl stand for??:confused:
pee myself laughing x x ( and i tend to do it without even laughing thanks to this stupid diet!!)
You obviously didn't do your pelvic floor exercises when you were pregnant!
There was too much fat there.. I never even knew i had one.. I just thought i was really lucky and had my own built-in hammock!!! lol (yuk!)
Ugh! Way too much info:eek:

Tell her Sandra.. She comes on here and moans that we didn't miss her (even though we did!) and then leaves us again.....

Shall we start a thread so she knows we are thinking of her, or will she be back soon do you think???
If she hasn't come back by 10.30 i think we ought to ring 999!!! lol


Fighting for My Health
I missed you! but only from this evening lol, and then you went and posted lol. Honestly, I only thought about half hour ago that I'd not seen you around. Welcome back anyhow :)

lol aww thanks for missing me gang xxx You two make me laugh so much I think i may have missed you more than you missed me! Its good to be back anyway. My weigh in will be late Su so im hoping its a good one as i have an extra 3 days in there lol
I am sure it will be a good one Daisy.. Make sure you let us know x x x
I will thanks Su, Its taking me ages to read all the posts since i was last on lol can you all slow down a bit and let me catch up fgs!! lol xx
Shall i type slower for you??? lol x x

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