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No Pain No Loss: NN89's Weight Loss Diary


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Ok, so so far I've lost 22.5lbs, today I found out i'd put on 3.5lbs, so this is it, im regathering my thoughts, remotivating and taking myself back to when I first started SW! THIS is number one, THIS is starting again, a fresh start!

I'll be adding in what I've eaten, plus excercise, and how i'm feeling that day!

SO this is the 25th august,
Today I've eaten

Breakfast: One alpen light bar, 2 babybels and muller light!
Break: Trimlyne rasperry bar x2 (9 syns)
Lunch: Jacket potatoe, with morissons syn free sausages and onions, mixed in with some passata
Break: Weight watchers chocolate chop biscuits x 2 and an options mocha chocha (7 syns all together!) plus muller light
Tea: Chicken casserole (chicken stock, with chicken, peppers, onions, parsley, tinned tomatoes and passata, plus some tikka spice!) with boiled rice

Later tonight I'm planning to have: I'm fancying some syn free chips, and a muller light!

TELL ME if im off track
PLEASE give me support- I need it!

and thanks for reading, lets hope it sticks!

Oooo, my september goal is to loose a stone YES thats right, baring in mind the first week you can loose a lot, and as i'm "starting again" here we go...!!!
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hi just reading what you have put and it seems a lot of sins in one day, i am not being rude but i have ten sins a day.

also what are you doing for exercise as i find with the sw diet if you do some exercise the weight comes off easier.

two years ago i did the sw diet and lost nine stone, i also ran every day off from work but i decided to have some time off the worst thing i could have done as i could not go back.

so i have decided i am in the right head space right now to start again, i have gone back to class and i have started running loads again which is the hardest thing to do as i have to build up to where i was two years ago.

sorry for going on lol.


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26th August (original): Breakfast- special k and skimmed milk
break: muller light
Lunch: Jacket potato and low fat cheese with a salad, and snacking on the morissons sausages!


Desperate to be slim!
Well done NN89 for starting again... I know how much of a struggle it's been. I started again last week as you know, and have first WI tonight! Argh!!!

Also, food diary is looking good, just keep a close eye on those sneaky syns!!! They're a pain!


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the syns are a pain, i've had 13.5 so far today (3 trimlyne raspberry bars, and 1 jelly pot hehe) so my syns for today are doneeeee- just enjoying snacking on a pack of the morissons syn free sausages, yummy


Nojo on the YoYo
Dude, maybe find an alternative to those raspberry bars! There MUST be one somewhere!


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I lobe them..so much..Ive had a weekend off..grr, whys it always the weekends? Am having a takeaway tonight, and then back on this week, going to have a detox tomorrow aswell, lots of fluids as i've got loadds of water retention from period, nastyyy

on the plus side, got into a size 14 dress today! Think I've lost 1-2lbs this week, i usually judge it on how big my 3rd tyre is!

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