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No participating pharmacy near Salisbury, Wiltshire that does LT, PLEASE HELP!

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Hi All,

As some of ya know I am moving homes from wales to Salisbury next week and have come across a problem to get LT. The nearest pharmacy going by the website is a 2hr drive away. So was hoping that maybe someone knows of one that is in Salisbury or southampton even. Can anyone suggest someone that does or any other information would be helpful. I am going to go back to square one and put on the wait that I have lost.....please help!:wave_cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
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hiya maybe the Dr you will be registering with does LT worth a try
all the best I hope you find someone who can help cos you've been doing so well
If not is Ligterlife a possibility i knowits expensive but maybe worth considering

all the best



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Have you tried emailing the LT people?
As Fragglerock suggested, try Lighterlife, (it's a good idea, but a lot more expensive than LT)
Maybe you could try the Cambridge Diet, I believe it's not too much more than LT, but has a lot more in the way of flavours and even porridge...Mmmmm. xx
hi hun sorry I can't help you hun hope someone from that end will help xx
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Thanks guys, was having a panic attack regarding it....lol. I have emailed them and ta for the advice everyone


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I think you can ask your local pharmacy to consider it........ they then contact LT and find out all the ins and outs and have training. (buggered if I can remember where I read it, but there wasn't one where my cousin lives and she wants to give it a go too)
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone for your wonderful help, calmed the head a bit just was fretting incase I couldnt get one, however just found out though that there is a lady 3 miles from where i am going to live doing cd, just a little bit skeptical about changing as LT has worked wonders for me but if there is nothing else I will have to consider it!
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I live in Salisbury, and get my LT from the Parley Cross Pharmacy near Bournemouth Airport (30 min drive), although I am told (unconfirmed) that there is a chemist in Ringwood that does LT. There is also a chemist in Southampton, but we found it easier (direct roads, less traffic etc) to go to Parley Cross.

Worth asking a local chemist when you settledown to see if they will take it on.
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Ahh nice one, do ya happen to have an address for them including postcode? Thanks
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S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks very much, its appreciated, take care
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Hey miss_unknown
Did you know that your GP can opt to be your LT councellor? I was told when I originally started to do LT that I can get LT through my GP but she will have to fill in a form and send it to LT and then you will have weekly weigh ins and check ups with a nurse or even your GP if they have time. It is an option and im sure if you discuss with your new GP and they see how well you have done so far they will definitely help you out. what will end up happening is that your GP will fill in a form etc and then your lipotrim will get sent to your local pharmacy and they will just give it to you and you pay for it, just like a prescription really. Hope thats of some use xxx
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Right update on the pharmacy - checked with the satnav and have discovered that parley cross is over and hour away depending on traffic as well, checked with the pharmacy direct and they are not open late so by the time i finish at the hospital I am never going to reach there in time. Got an email from LT direct and they said that there was a chemist in Salisbury doing it on a trial basis but they have now stopped supplying to them as they weren't getting enough people to go. Anyways contacted the local gp surgery where I am going to live explained the situation to them and when I finally got in touch with a doctor he told me that no matter what gp ya are on he is not going to put ya on something like that without knowing your full medical history and until i was a patient at the surgery for at least 3 months. So I am really fretting now as I cant wait 3 months to go back on LT, I have been doing it for my wedding coming up. So I have been looking into Lighterlife but i am not a person to sit in a group and talk about things so I have decided to look into cd and let yas know how I get on!! Thanks for all of your help guyz, take care
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yea one of the other girls has recently changed on it so I am waiting to hear from her what the shakes and that are like. I have always heard that cd wasnt as good as LT as ya dont seem to lose as much but I will see. Its a real pain though. I have contacted the pharmacy here in swansea and they are going to give me two weeks to keep me over xmas so that will give me a while to work things out.
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yea fingers crossed!! Did ya have a nice eid?
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oh eid was good thanx hun. i stayed away from the food and thats a bloody miracle considering i cooked most of it. Did you see your other halfs family for eid? whats with the sis in law these days? has she gotten off your case yet?

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