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No Pressure then...


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remember how I posted a while back that I was finally lighter than my hubby and that he wasn't too pleased about it. Well I'm now 13lbs lighter...so what has he done today? Started CD!

Bless him - he's just completed day 1 and knowing that men seem to lose much quicker than us how long is it going to be before the tables are turned??? I reckon we'll be neck and neck within 10 days

OK in the long run i'll win, but i just wanted to enjoy my moment a bit longer.

But secretly I'm really pleased he's doing it ;-). no more sending me out for his fish and chips.
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My boyfriend is doing CD with me and it has turned a tad competitive haha. It's great having him doing it with me though! Makes things a lot easier.


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Oooh good luck! Sounds like a bit of healthy competition to me. Yay for not having to go and get fish and chips anymore. :D


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Woop woop.. it must be nice to share the highs and lows with your other half going it too....

Id say beat him every week... don't let him catch up... work hard.. I hope you can do it...

But if not then enjoy doing it together


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Haha feeling threatened is he :)
That must be great doing it together...my bloke eats like a horse. He's really sensitive tho (usually) and tries not to eat in front of me....but he loves takeaways n stuff but burns it all of in the gym there's nothing on him!!
So no point in him doing CD BUT he supports me by paying for my CD every week :) he saw how happy I was in the summer when I was losing weight and saw that I was getting down again he offered to pay when I said I was too skint to do it again. Bless him :) probably end up saving him money on the takeaways he used to buy me tho haha.

Make sure ya drink more water than him :) he will be on 4 a day won't he? Not that it's a huge difference but every little helps! Haha. Ya will be the hottest couple in town :) xx


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S: 19st9lb C: 17st8lb G: 9st10lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.55%)
MMM. Hes gone out the do the shopping. Is he going to cheat while he is out?


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My husband lasted ONE DAY on a protein shake (spirutein) and 2 avg meals with no sweets. He lasted less than 24hrs. He couldn't drink more than 1.5L of water either.

I've found since his little experiment, he's far more supportive and does most of the cooking when he's home and the weekly family shop. He can't believe that I can do this for so long!

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