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No swimming?!


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Team FFF!!!
That's really stupid:confused: Luckily our pool is open every day between 12 and 1 adults only swimming. Not quite ready to go swimming yet, I jump in and the water would jump out lmao:eek::D
Ours is in the middle of two comprehensive schools so is open only between 12-1 in the day then open again at 5 til 7 mad! And only once a week they do adult swimming and thats at 9-10pm
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That's really bad. My local pools are open all day and they bdo early sessions at 7.30 in the morning for adults only as well as open til 10 pm
Jump in a river Bumpy0 That should warm you up lol
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I need to explain a bit more i think! The pools do open in the day, adult swim is at about 7am and then at 6pm. I was hoping i could go while my son was at preschool, 9am -12 ish, but all the schools swim at these times.

I could do it in the evenings, but thought i would be better at sticking to it in the mornings. Once i sit down in the evenings after dinner i don't very often get up again LOL!! With hubby working away too i get stuck because i don't have a babysitter! I walk quite a bit but am getting bored wanted something different to do that doesn't involve membership or stupid gym machines that i can't figure out how to use.

Any sugesstions or offers of a babysitter? LOL!! :)

Ruthy the river Orwell is really yucky, wouldn't even dip my toe in incase i caught something!
I knew what you meant lol
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There is a so called beach by my home but what it is a estuary, one footstep in there and you will catch a dose of the clap and there are sign posts with the number of the nearest STD clinic pmsl!
Its rank.
Luckily there other beaches round by me that had blue flags....phew!
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Is there a private gym with a swimming pool nearby? Monthly subscriptions can be pricey but off peak memberships are cheaper. You would also have use of all the gym equipment
Good idea, i dont that once,,, never went !
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Lol its a good idea, just not for me, i never seem to have any time, the only swimming im doing tonight is my tonsils in salty water.....im not well ! :( yucky tonsilitis!

Any syns in salty water lol .....pmsl
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Awww, poor ickle Ruthy! I know how you feel i used to get it all the time. Then i finally persuaded my doc to get them taken out.

Thanks Taz but i am like Ruthy too i probably wouldn't use it enough to justify the monthly cost! I will just have to do it in the evenings when hubby gets home! I just feel guilty sometimes going out when he spends so much time working away. :)
Im feeling better today but sneezing alot. You win some...you lose some....hmm
Ruthy xxx

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