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Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by Niny, 2 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Niny

    Niny Member

    Yep I was having a great start in January & lost 7lbs but the last week was so terrible & filled within pub grub & drink I think I had lost out on all my good work :(
    So to make things easier I've blocked the just eat & hungry house websites so I can't order take away. I hate ringing up for pizza n won't wait for it in the shop so this seems the best way.

    I have about 20 different work out DVDs, a bike & vibro plate in the house so also setting myself a task of getting active.
    One day DVD. Next day 30mins bike or plate etc etc. hope to do it this month :)

    Set myself a target of 8lbs loss this month.
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  3. Niny

    Niny Member

    So far no take aways my belly & bank balance like this :)
  4. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    Well done!

    I am pretty much doing the same- no eating out and am trying to exercise!
    Did my first DVD Friday and my legs still hurt from it! Once that's gone away I'll be doing it again cos it's obviously working muscles I've not used in a while!

    Good luck!

    I have a 2 st loss target for August- wish me luck :/
  5. Niny

    Niny Member

    Weekends r so hard, it's just programmed into my mind to order a pizza on a Saturday night.

    Im wanting 2 stone gone by August too. Going to my 1st festival :D but I have a wedding in 2 weeks so gonna b doing a DVD everyday hopefully.
    I'm not too bothered of what my end weight is I'm trying to go for fitness... Hopefully lol

    1.8lbs lost so far this month tho
    Good luck to u Lucy!!
  6. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    Ooo what festival you going to? I normally do v fest, I always try for Glastonbury tickets but always fail.
    I want to feel healthy, that's my ultimate goal!x
  7. Niny

    Niny Member

    Leeds. Bought the tickets b4 I new who was on but so far it's looking like its going to be good weekend.
    im hoping to get to Glastonbury at lest once, hopefully before I'm 30.
  8. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    Yeah I want to do Glastonbury before I'm 30. Would love to go!x
  9. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    this challenge sounds great!! also i dooo love a festival! been to one every summer for the past 5 years!!
  10. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    I must the exercise part of my challenge has subsided a bit but will be back to it tonight.
    I really want to do some of the folky festivals. I tend to go for the mainstream ones but there are soo many out there it would be nice to go to some of the more unknown ones or one abroad x

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