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No weight loss even though Im not eating


I know dieting is'nt the done thing when pg, but I still really need to lose some weight.

I now im not in keto,so no fat burn there, but I thought even though Im not in it, surly I lose something with all my morning sickness, Im not not eating on purpose, I just feel soooo sick and am being sick.

Why would my body go into 'starvation mode' now and keep hold of the fat and lets go of the fat when Im in ketosis?


bm2lm xx
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I've missed out on the news here!!!

Congratulations on your pregnancy:D:D:D

I am only guessing, but your body will try to hold onto every bit of energy store it can, so that your little treasure will get the nourishment it needs. I know morning sickness is an ordeal, in my case it lasted all day and for about first 5 months! I also lost weight while being pregnant, not on purpose, it just happened. Soon got it all back again post pregnancy though:rolleyes:

Lovely to hear your news, take it easy on yourself, and I hope the morning sickness goes soon. I used to buy crystalised ginger to suck on, that seemed to help, and dry toast.

Take care



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u can lose weight while pregnant with slimming world. did u not look into it after the last post about this? the main thing is u need to stay healthy. try to get something for the sickness and look into ways of healthily nourishing u and bump. eating doesnt equal weight gain but u have to be realisitic that u arent going to drop a dress size a week. i think u need to not stress so much about the weight.

watch what u eat but dont get obsessed by the scales. u r now 2 people in one so go easy on urself. if u follow somethign like slimming world u will be slimmer in urself and the baby will be growing great. i know being slimmer will make birth easier but u cant do it all at once. im not saying u r getting ur priority wrong cos losing weight was still important to me when i was pregnant (and with SW i lost 4 stone while pregnant) but u need to not stress so much. watch ur blood pressure lol.



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If you go to an appointment and are found to be in ketosis they will ADMIT you to hospital!

Please please please DO NOT SS! Follow a plan of no less than 1500 calories per day whilst pregnant if you really must 'diet'!

On a lighter note, you body undergoes a process called haemodilution when you are pregnant when you actually have another 2 pints of blood circulating to feed yourself and your baby, please take that into account, when looking at the scales.


Serial Dieter!
S: 118.3kg C: 113.7kg G: 80kg BMI: 36.7 Loss: 4.6kg(3.87%)
Ketosis in pregnancy can cause fetal damage please please please don't SS while you are pregnant!


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its ture, when i was pregnant with no 3 I had no appetite, and they found ketones in my urine so was kept in over night and dh was despatched to mcdonalds with instructions to get me a big mac meal

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