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  1. shak_khalid

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    Hi All

    I am a little upset. I have been on the CD for 5 weeks now and have lost 37lbs and do feel great. I went for my weigh in today and during the last week (week 5) I lost nothing. Absolutely zero.
    I have not cheated one little bit. I have had my 3 shakes and a bar every single day. I also drink around 6.5 to 7 litres of water per day.
    The only thing I did not do was to do the add a meal week at week 5. The reason for this is that I am into this diet and do not want to have food until I go into maintenance because I am terrified of falling off CD.
    If I had cheated then I could understand, but the fact I have not and drink loads of water, then I just get a little disheartened.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    What should I do? Do I need to add a meal or just see what happens next week.
    Thanks for all your help and advice.

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  3. Ajax

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    Awww, not really sure what to say, as I know I would be absolutely gutted to stay the same, but like everyone here says, you cannot gain whilst on this diet, so all i can say is stick to it and you will see a lovely loss next week. Sometimes the amount of water you had during the day can reflect, maybe a bit of water retention?

    You have done very very well so far, please dont give up, stick with it and see what happens next week.

    Big hugs
  4. bubbles

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    i had the same thing and it happened to me in week 5 also! I was 100% good and didnt lose anything, dont worry about it you will soon see another big drop so please dont let it dishearten you!
    It could be you have lost so much in such a short space of time your body has gone into shock! it doesnt understand so could be holding onto the fat but trust me if you stick to the diet 100% in the next week i guarantee you will lose some and even quite a lot i lost 7 pounds in week 6! dont give up your doing fab!
  5. Mini

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    Hi Shak,

    Congratulations on losing 37lbs. in five weeks...:D

    The guidelines for weight loss on a vlcd is one stone a month for a woman and 11/2 to two stone a month for a man and of course this does vary as we are all different.

    So just looking at that you have done extremely well.

    The weight comes can hang on one week, but you can be sure the following week it will come off.

    If you have TOTM this is often the reason for no weight loss as you retain water.

    But next weigh in you will see the results on the scales.

    During these times, this is the time you come down inches and that is why it is vital to measure yourself before hand, from head to toe and not forgetting your neck and upper arms.

    Also before photos help as you can compare them to the now photos.

    You are doing very well and the main thing is not to panic.

    The weight will come off.

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Russiandoll

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    I'm on week 21 of CD and also stayed the same this week. Like you, I was gutted.

    However, I'm trying hard to see the bigger picture: I would never have lost this much in that time on a conventional diet, I'm in ketosis and so MUST be burning fat: it HAD to be water retention this week.

    It's at times like these our grit and determination is tested: there's NO WAY I'm giving up now. Also, what are the options open to us?
    1) Throw in the towel, go back to my old ways and regain the weight? No thanks!

    2) Throw in the towel, eat sensibly and maintain? Not really and option: I'm still 4st away from my goal!

    3) Dig deep and carry on with my weight loss journey? Looks like it HAS to be this one! :)

    Stick with it Shak - you've done brilliantly so far and you'll make up for the static scales next week!
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