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Hi and welcome to SW!

I also sts my first week. It may be your body adjusting to your new way of eating.

Have you thought of creating a food diary on here? It helps me and seems to really help others who do it as it gives other members a chance to have a check over and maybe give you pointers or advice on where you might be going wrong or where you can reign yourself in. Or!! give you reassurance when you need it.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a loss next week if you keep at it x


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Hi and welcome to SW,

As Fea said, it might just be your body adjusting to a different plan. I am sure that once your body settles in to the routine of SW you will see some great losses.
As Fea said, a food diary is a really good idea because it gives you chance to see (a) when you have done really well, what you did and (b) if you have a slow week to see what foods might not suit you. Also it helps to keep track of syns etc too.
Good luch with SW xx

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Thanks for your quick response, I will look into a food diary. This morning I felt like i might as well just have chocolate, wine and a burger today, but now im gonna plod on and go to the gym again tonight (as it does make me feel happier, must be the endorphins). Will let you all know how next week weighs in

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Thats the spirit!
Dont give up..keep trying and it will come off, it just takes longer for some. Like the others have said, definitely do a food diary, it will make you remember what you have eaten that day, without conveniently forgetting (I know I do!)