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non dieting family

Can't everyone eat the same dinners? I'm all for a treat now and then but my OH is eating the same dinners etc for me, slightly bigger portions...

For yummy things i suggest always having a treat on hand...i have ww choc bar or cake every night after my dinner, i cant do without it...it makes it easier if others are having dessert! x


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Hi i cook mine seperatley, daughter and hubby have pizza once a week which i cook for them and chips from chippy once a week i cook them the same but i have different from them. it has got a lot easier and doesnt bother me now good luck with your weightloss journey


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I suppose its a bit of give and take on both sides. They have to be understanding of your efforts and try not to make it hard for you or force you to eat things you don't want to... but at the same time we as weightwatchers have to allow other people to eat what they want to.

If you are the chef of the family just cook normal food in healthy ways (like using spraylite etc) and have a smaller portion for yourself. I'm sure its not easy but you don't want to end up excluding yourself from dinnertime because of it :(
I have always cooked different meals for my family so it was never a problem, I do cook healthier meals for everyone now and everyone is fine with it thank goodness lol
Well I ahve 2 daughters. One is a real meat and 2 veg, the other is veggie and wants to live on lentils, chickpeas and spice. So always had to cook different meals really. I'll pick the lowest points of the two.
I always cook different meals. DH has chips, spag Bol, chilli, lots of pasta dishes, pizza, roasts, etc. I cook for him but will have something low in points for myself. Sometimes I just want to stuff his plate of chips down my neck but I resist. It's hard but worth it. I think the hardest is when he has peanut butter smothered on toast. I could rip it out his hands ha!
I cook the same meal for my oh & my ds. They just get bigger portions. I just make the foods lower fat. They don't even notice any difference ;)


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I'll be cooking my OH exactly what I have! But like others have said, add more to make his portion bigger if necessary :)
i only cook one meal for both of us and my hubby does not object.
I can't afford to cook separate meals for us so we eat the same and if he is hungry he will have an extra slice of bread or some potatoes.
Puddings are always made with ww recipes and he does not object os guess i am lucky !
I have children and a partner, we eat the same meals and we have the same treats, I just have less.

I point everything and use my weekly points if need be.

For me the most important thing is not feeling like im not allowed something. That is just a massive nail in my diet coffin!

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