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Non-food treats & incentives

I've decided to give myself a reward for each stone I lose (is this a bit premature when I've not even had my first WI???!) and was wondering whether anyone else does that and what kind of things you choose?

I was thinking maybe a facial after the first stone, then graduating to a Wii with Wii Fit for the second - as it'll be doubly beneficial with the exercise aspect (that's assuming they're back in stock by then, of course!).

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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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I started out with that idea - that each stone I would get a treat. The first one was loads of pamper products and some nice coffee and a new pair of pajamas - for the END of my loss. :)

Then, I found what was more motivating was to go to the chairty shops every couple of weeks, and but a few things in the next size down. I then began to fill a drawer with clothes - mostly tops - and I would try them on each week....and as one would make it out of the drawer into my wardrobe, I got a real rush. AS the old now too big clothes went back to the chairty shops, it created a good cycle - and I have some LOVELY, really nice things for cheap! Don't feel so bad growing out of them so fast when you are only spending a couple of quid!! I have done that right the way through, in fact was there yesterday buying 14s and 12s. :) and its been a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration.

Find whatever works for you. Others here have done some good things too, like goody boxes, etc., big boxes full of little treats theyw ould pull from now and then. I think Kellie=] was the one that did it, and it was a crackin idea.

Have fun with it - thats the main thing!


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I opted for things to do with appearance really, stuff like getting my hair done, an eyebrow wax, new make up etc.

I think stuff like that really makes you value yourself more, and that in turn keeps you motivated.

I'm currently rewarding myself with things I couldn't do before, but that will help to give me a new, more active lifestyle.

I'm going to be doing kayaking, getting back into horse riding and taking skiing lessons :D

If money is tight, little things like a magazine, (and an hour to yourself to read it), getting a DVD out, having a long, relaxing bath, going for a walk somewhere lovely, taking time out to give yourself a makeover or a manicure, getting someone else to give you a massage etc.

Just basically look after yourself, and that should convince you that you're *worth* looking after.


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I have to admit, that my rewards have been clothes. I have spend a fortune, even though most have been from Cheap places like primark! But the feeling you get from getting into a smaller size can not be beaten!

There is now stuff that I brought that is now too big so the chariy shop will be doing well out of me!

Also, over the last month or so, brought new undies. I have changed shape so much that having a good fitting bra again is luxury!
Some really great ideas here - thank you, I'm feeling inspired! My children horseride and I would love to start going again - but don't want to kill the horses, lol. So maybe that's a good target for further down the line.


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