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non LT related - girl question

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Firstly they are not as bad as every1 thinks
Secondly dont avoid them they're really improtant i.e. Poor Jade Goody

Basically the doctor will pop you on the bed and ask you to bend ur legs then drop your knees to the side (they cover u up with a paper towel so u dont feel exposed). they will then place a speculum inside you to allow them access to your cervix. Then the take a swab (just a long cotton bud) and wipe the outer surface of your cervix it is then transferred onto a slide and sent to the lab for analysis. takes less than 5 minutes! Nothing to worry about!


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I think I should get on to my doctor to get one done, just so I know whether everything is OK or not. I really feel for poor Jade Goody.
Good luck with your smear missy xxxx


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How old are you abbie? as they dont do them untill you are 25!!

I asked the other week when i went to see the doc about an infection and told her my mum has had problems and so when would i need to have one - she said 25!

I personally think they should be done much earlier!!


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I'm 22 hunni :). It's weird though because when I lived in Scotland for a few months, my doctor's up there sent me a letter about going to get a Smear Test but because I was moving back to London, I totally forgot all about it. Maybe I should pursue it. After all, being healthy is paramount really isn't it? If you're healthy you can think about the more important things in life.
I know they say 25, but maybe if Jade Goody had been able to have her Smear Test a lot earlier they'd have detected her cancer a lot sooner and she wouldn't be terminally ill! :( Poor love!
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its 21 in the north of ire and 25 in south, think it changes depending on where you live. thanks very much for this thou, really helpful
I was brought up in Scotland and was 19 when i had my 1st one! And i had cancerous cells which is all treated and normal now but im glad i got mine done early. they say its gone up to 25 because ur cervical cells are still changing until your 20's and they say they were treating younger girls for cancerous cells when really they are just transitional cells. But having been through it i'd rather have been treated unnessesarily than have had it progress!


Here we go again!
My last smear test came back with changes. Had to go to hospital for a further smear and then again for another procedure (can't remember what its called but they burn away any cells they consider a bit iffy). Due for another smear very soon and keeping fingers crossed that nothing is wrong this time.

It's something you have to have done and is over so quickly and painlessly that it is necessary. It's not as bad as you imagine, honest!
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I know they have to be done but i find them very uncomfortable , my last was was horrid, i told the nurse beforehand that i always find them uncomfortable but she was not gentle or even tried to be gentle.

Do get it done when your able to. I dont miss mine just cause of the pain i get.



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yeah my sister has them and shes 22 :) x

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