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NONE free fruit and veg??

I am new to MiniMins so hope I am doing this right! I have done SW last yr and lost a stone, put about 5lbs on since stopping classes in Dec and I am getting back on track 100% from Tuesday!

Just wondering which fruit and veg are NOT free as I noticed that peas and parsnips are not???
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Maybe Im wrong?! But I was told you cant have parsnips on a green day and that peas arent free?
Maybe thats where i got it wrong, so theyre not free on a red day, ok thanks! Didnt know that about sweetcorn either!
Parsnips are fine on Green and Extra Easy days. They need to be synned on Red days, though.

I think perhaps you're getting confused between free and superfree?

Superfree foods are fruit and veg that are free on all three plans - Red, Green and Extra Easy. Because peas and parsnips have to be synned on Red days, they are not superfree, and therefore can't count towards your 1/3 superfree on EE.

However, you can still have them as free foods on Green and EE, just make up your third superfree in other ways!

The vast majority of fruit and veg is superfree. The exceptions are peas & sweetcorn and starchy veg like potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips. These would all be synned on Red and ONLY Red days.

Just to add more confusion, you can replace the peas and sweetcorn with sugarsnap peas, mangetout or babycorn, as they are superfree and therefore free on all plans. Starchy veg can be replaced with things like swede, butternut squash, celeriac, and so on.

Hope that's helped and hasn't confused more....!
Oh thanks, I think I'll be refering back to my SW book for the first few days! lol
It's more confusing because there's the three plans. For me, I had to get my head round one (EE) before I could even think about the other two! And there's SO many different SW phrases that are easily confused - free, superfree, speed and superspeed being the main culprits I find!


Slow and steady...
I'm only going to cover EE for this answer:

Superfree foods are most fruit and veg and should make up 1/3 of every meal.

Free foods are meat and carbs and also some starchy veg e.g. peas, sweetcorn and parsnips. You can eat unlimited free foods.


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