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Noobie Alert!


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Hello everyone!

I am starting the WW diet tonight for the first time in a year. I have no idea of my current weight but I know that it is between 17 & 18 stone. I am looking at dropping that to approximately 15 stone in the next 6 months.

I came here mainly to be part of a online community full of people who are doing the same thing. I like seeing peoples progress and taking hints and tips on what to do and what not to do.

I will post back my meeting results tonight when I get back and see if any of you have any ideas for me. I have started a blog on here and also have my own personal blog on Lifes Ups and Down and Everything Inbetween!

I'd love to know how you do those fab signatures and tickers and updates etc if anyone can help me with that. lol.

I look forward to talking to you all and happy weight loss x
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Good luck sweetie, best of luck for tonight!


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Just wanted to wish you good luck. This forum is great and I'm sure you will get loads of inspiration and motivation from it.



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Thanks everyone. Weigh in was a shocker. lol. But i spose it's made me realise i really do need to pull my finger out.
Welcome to the site, it is a great place for support, it doesn't matter what your start off weight is, I think everybody gets a shock the first time the weight themselves. but you have started the diet and that is the main thing. Take it oneday at a time, and keep a food diary,good luck and keep us posted on your weigh ins
Welcome & good luck with ww it really does work if you follow the plan & keep a check on your points


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I'm gonna be keeping a food diary on my blog. Woke this morning and I am starving. lol. I think thats just the part of my mind that has no faith in me trying to win the battle. lol. I'm not giving in. Will have my cereal in a little while n then keep drinking water till lunch. I'm a stay at home mom so I tend to have lots of time on my hands. Hence the weight i spose. I am going to do the fast start this week I think. Only problem I'm having is that I don't really like the meal ideas so i have been trying to create my own. I have come up with a bowl of special k sustain with my while milk. 2 slices of lean back bacon between 2 slices of ww white danish for lunch and then ww roasted garlic pasta sauce with pasta and two oven cooked chicken drunsticks for dinner. I think that adds up to about 14/15 points. They say use 18 points a day for the fast start but if i use 15 it means i can have a yummy yummy ww cake bar when i feel peckish and a small bunch of grapes. That sound ok to all of you? Am I asking in the wrong place?


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Thanks for the advice. Yeah I am a black country wench. lol. I will have to check out those recipe sections cos I have no real idea of what to cook to help me fill up. The zero point soups sound like a great idea.


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gorra luv the black countray ay ya! x lol


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pmsl nar its an ard un' t beet! :D


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an me. gorra mek me a brew nar. lol.

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