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wannabe yummy-mummy:P
Hi all does anyone know if eating DRY packet noodles is very fattening?Ive developed a real bad craving for them(im not pregnant btw),just open a pack up and eat the 'block'as it comes,no water needed lol....i only buy the bachelors low fat varieties,bit mixed up right now as ive maintained the last 3 weeks at slimming world and im only 8lbs away from target,must have reached a'plateau'as some do......thank you:)x
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supernoodles fat free variety are free, so your okay there. However A) i would double oober oober check your not pregnant.. and B) this could be the reason you are maintaining, so close to target it can get difficult and although the fat free noodles are free ( or any plain dry noodles that you'd use in a stir fry etc) because it's 'packeted' and not fresh and full of superfree goodness, it could be hindering your weight loss if your eating lots of them. I suggest replacing the noodles for fruit and veg as much as you can bear, for example i eat ALOT of yoghurts, but i was beginning to eat a lot, and now i veiw them as a dessert or a last resort once iv had enough fruit and veg as i can take and its really helping xxxxxx - also, i took the advise of drinking 2ltrs of water a day, and along with this i decided to major cut back on the diet pepsi, my rule is .. for every glass of diet pepsi i have, i have to drink 2ltrs of water. I think thats deffinatly helping too.. and is so much better for my skin and stomach. x


wannabe yummy-mummy:P
Hi fern thank you for your reply,i can DEFFO say im not preggo as ive..ahem..not been intimate for over a year now lol so thats how i know im not with child number 4 lol....ive been laying off the noodles a bit since i wrote this and have started eating more of my fave shape zero peach and passionfruit yoghurts and love drinking water too:)xx
lol, okay, so deffinatly not pregnanto :) thats a start! - i think laying off the noodles will deffinatly help, yoghurts are yummy but if your on a real picky day i'd say chop up loads of fruit as small as poss and poor yog over to make it last aslong as possible. xxx

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