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Noooo! Why did I do that?! (food related)


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I'm sooooo annoyed with myself. I've been really busy out and about all day and by dinnertime I was starving - I made my little boy some fresh pasta and sauce for his tea and then for some STUPID reason I had a bowl myself! :cry: I really don't know why I did it - and the worst thing is, it wasn't even nice :sigh: It just tasted cardboardy and too sweet and now I feel all bloated....yuck. I really hope I don't put on any weight as I've been doing so well and have been proud of myself :break_diet: Why on earth did I go and sabotage myself?! :copon:
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Basically - you won't do THAT again, will you?! :p:D It might make a difference to your weightloss (as pasta is so high in carbs) but if it's only a one-off, I'd just treat it as a blip and put it behind you. (I cheated at a birthday party last weekend, and grazed on sandwiches and cake and sweet stuff, but I'd still lost 2½ lb. on Monday. I felt really bad too - I was practically force-fed by the cake-baker! - but I've pretty much forgotten about it already, and just got on with the diet.)


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Hi Leona,

I have also done the same and I feel exactly the same. The food I ate was awful, I feel bloated and sick and now I also feel teary. I don't know why I did it but the fact is it's done. Now we pick ourselves up and start a fresh tomorrow.

I weighed myself today as I had eaten yesterday and I had still lost weight. So I guess one minor hiccup should not make a difference as long as we stick to the diet thereafter without any more hiccups.

Good luck Hun, I really do empathise with how you feel right now and you'll never know how much it has meant to me to read your post x.


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Huge thanks to both of you and especially to you, Sonya. I feel really teary too and feel as if I've spoiled everything - but the fact is I haven't and neither have you! :D We have both learnt a lesson and at least know I know that the food I've been craving is no way as nice as I'd remembered. We can both start afresh tomorrow! :)


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Yes we can Leona!

I felt terrible cos I was so angry at myself and I was crying that I took it out on the kids and shouted at them as they were about to go to sleep. Anyway, I apologised to both of them and explained that I was upset and that I was not angry at them.

While I was on the diet, I felt so positive. My line was alway, "I wake up knowing at least I'm doing something about my weight!". Now I just feel rubbish and want to cry. I also had a conversation with my ex whom I broke up with three weeks ago and I realised that things might actually be over 100%. Hey, at least I'm 100% something! Lol.

I can't feel too bad, at least I'm trying to crack jokes. I just need to stop whining and get focused again on my long term goal.

We can do it babe and we will. How much weight do you want to lose?

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