'normal' low cal hot choc on 1000?


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I'm guessing that once I start on 1000 I can have standard low calorie hot chocolate?? (as long as its within my 1000 cals for that day) I am finding I am a bit hungry in the evenings and think this would be a good (and sweet:) ) way of filling me up.

any advice

Personally I kept to the plan to the end (1500) which meant no stuff outside the booklet. I was concerned that by going off plan, I might end up with raising my carb levels too quickly. I also felt it might get onto that slippery slope and there was no way I was going to take the risk at that stage. That's just me though:eek:

You are allowed 2 cambridge meals a day. Why not save some of a tetra to make a hot chocolate for the evening?

I never recommend anything out of the plans until maintenance after the 1500 programme.

A sweet fix can kick off all sorts of cravings for 40 cals you could have fruit which would give sustained energy release and curb further cravings.

Use the Choc velvet for the choccy treat.
thanks all for the comments, I think I will stick to the book exactly for the first few weeks so have decided to try and split/save my shakes to have something for the evening.

thanks again:)