Decided to do Exante

Home from work which was very quiet but I seem to do more running around. Had porridge and then completely messed up pasta bake for ds which ended up crunchy :eek: and my own low fat hummus which I put too much water in when I blended it. Ds dugged down and got the edible bits out of the pasta and I binned the chickpea slop. Just seen the new high tier news. Oh my word. I wonder when I'll ever see my kids again now.
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Todays grub:-

A chocolate caramel bar ( vile lol)
2 slices of low carb bread with chicken.
bag of vegan chocolate buttons.
walked at 12,300 steps. ( I am going to log my exercise from now on)
Thanks Dolly :). Today I was at work. I got home absolutely starving to the point I was wobbly so I had a banana cos my boy's dad was visiting them cos he's in our bubble and I didn't want to start blending a shake while he was sitting there. The less he knows about my diet the better. He just takes the mick, unlike his son's who are supportive and wonderful. After he had gone I made a green salad to have with a sweet potato I had baked while he was still here. It didn't work out well cos the doorbell kept going with people calling who had wanted to speak to me /needed to borrow stuff during the day while I was out. Perils of a close knit community but I like it so........

In the end I ate part of half a baked sweet potato ( by now cold lol) and a small amount of the green salad. Probably around 100 and 10 g of carbs calories. was very small, ones you buy for a child's lunch box.....however carbs are 19 g :eek: calories 60. So I've only had around 160 calories but too many carbs lol

That's it so far. I am exhausted and next week we go back to full time hours. I think the whole crew is praying for a national lockdown for a break. ;) Work tomorrow night too. It'll be busy cos it's Halloween.
Final food was :-

part of a half of a sweet potato and some green salad
A strawberry and jam Exante bar
Too tired and cold to face an ice blended shake and my hot efforts are not turning out well. The last one went all lumpy and my son said it smelled so awful he was nearly gagging. I have no sense of smell...possibly a good thing then.
Oops look like a national lockdown is on the cards. Not inpressed the Track @ Trace app woke me at 1.45 am to tell me my area had gone into high tier. It hasn't so I don't know what that was about. Took ages to get back to sleep after that.

Today I am not the slightest bit hungry but am at work later with a lot of walking so will have something before I set off.
Not feeling it with hot shakes. I cannot stop them being lumpy. I whisked a chocolate one and then still had to put it through a seive. Even after that as soon as it settled there were floaters on the top. Yuck. I'll have to have a think cos icy cold shakes in winter won't be doable. It's way too cold here to be walking around outside for 6 hours at time on cold shakes.. I seem to be down to porridge and Red Thai soup as meal options.
Just got off work. It was mental as predicted. I think everyone stampeded for the door as soon as BJ announced the lockdown to get some drinking in while they can.

Todays food was:-

some almonds as a snack cos the shake went wrong
a chocolate fudge replacement bar. That's only 600 on a full shift but am too tired to do anything else.

Had to pass several takeaways on the way home. I could have murdered at kebab but I didn't give in.

Feel sad tonight. No more work now until after this latest lockdown. Dunno if my mate will get home for Christmas now either. BJ mithering on about vulnerable being careful and not going to work. Bit late really lol.
Och this is all just a nightmare isn't it, I'm just waiting on a change to the lockdown in Scotland now.

Think we'll go into lockdown again aswell now, there are so many deaths being recorded every day up here now and it's just getting as high as in the beginning.
It's awful. I don't know what the solution is tbh. The economy is going down the pan now and I can't see the government being able to sustain 80% furlough indefinitely. I am a bit mifffed too cos we have had hardly any cases where I live and we went from tier 1 to lockdown. :eek: We worked really hard here to keep it down too and it was all for nothing.

Anyhoo in other news. I've not actually eaten yet today. I may have a porridge day tho. My waist is now 32 inches too. Yay.
God only knows what the world is going to be like next year. It's scary.

I've just had coffee and water so far, will have something at about 12ish I think, usually try to wait till then every day.
So far today.
an Exante vegan chocolate shake which stayed lumpy despite 6 minutes in a 1, 200 W blender. No idea what is going on with my shakes at the moment.
Just about to have two stuffed vine leaves and roasted sprouts . 200 cals.

Baked my lads a massive chocolate cake. I won't touch it. I am determined, especially has half the sweets and chocolate I buy just for them went on Trick or Treaters last night.
I hate when the shakes are lumpy. I manage to do alright just shaking them in a shaker cup.

We had no trick or treaters at all, never seen a single person out.

Well done for staying away from the cake.
Thanks. I might have to go back to the shaker. I blend them with ice tho. Maybe shake then blend.

Today was my friend's daughter's online funeral which was probably the hardest thing so far this year. It was a lovely send off tho and went well.

Had porridge so far.

I went to the farmers market and bought fruit and veg. I bought celeriac with an idea to use it as fries roasted in the oven. It's lowish carb so I may have it with a vegan sausage.