Decided to do Exante


Quaker instant Porridge made with almond milk
dessert spoon of home made fat free hummus and some chopped up cucumber.
Exante Frappe shake
few roasted sprouts done in fry light and garlic salt in the oven with two quorn sausages and soy sauce
Probably around 1,000 calories. Ooh just put it in MFP and it's nowhere near. More like 600 calories. So much for upping my intake.

I'll have a bar later if I stay awake.

Exercise minimal today. Netflix with occasional housework. I am always shattered after a day of walking a long way ....perils of Long Covid.
I had the butterscotch angel delight type thing for my last meal yesterday and left the bowl it was in on the side. Today trying to wash it was a performance. The dregs had set like super glue. It did make me wonder what I am putting in my body. I've never know normal Angel Delight set like that. Not had anything yet except tea with soya milk.
Oh really, not good.

I did the same with the chilli last week, nearly gave up and threw the bowl out.

Won't get them again, they were a weird taste and texture.
Ugh. Sounds vile. I'v e not had them yet. Just had the bacon and cheese "omelette." I had to bin it. It was totally disgusting. I will have to throw the ones left away. Debating what to try next.
It was, I ordered 5! Managed to eat them all but never again.

I love the beef and black bean pot but it's weird the first time you try it, looks disgusting and it's a weird texture but I love it now.
I've only had the dahl which is ok. Tried cooking the pasta soup again. Yet again it boiled over and still had crunchy pasta in it. Binned them and the lemon pancakes too. I had 5 lemon pancakes but this diet is hard enough without force feeding myself stuff that is disgusting. I like the Red Thai soup. I'll probably buy more as I need something hot now it's getting colder. I am just having the last one.
Oh I hate the pancakes! I bought the lemon and the blueberry ones, they are such a chemically taste aren't they.

I've got some of those soups in my latest order, was gonna try shaking them up then heating them in the microwave? I'll let you know how it goes.

I just can't bring myself to throw them out so if I can struggle and force them down then I just eat them.

The only thing I have ever thrown out was the honeycomb shakes - oh my word they were disgusting.
Yes its like being in double chemistry class and that taste you get afterwards. I can stomach the maple ones...just. The pasta soup you are supposed to mix it with hot water then microwave it. I've tried using cold water, then microwaving it and hot. Both times it boiled over. I ummed and arhed over throwing them away but realised eating something so vile was making me want to eat something else after.

Todays food:-

Came in at 700 calories so far:-

basically soup, a bar and 300 calorie meal of quorn sausage and salad. I'll probaby have something else I've not chucked out later.:) I also chucked the Angel Delight wannbes too. I've loads of shakes left. I like most of them but they are cold to drink now it's getting colder. Not sure how many warm up, apart from the chocolate ones, of which I've hardly any. I had a half baked plan to make the vanilla ones into coffee but we shall see.
Ooh. Interesting. I think I'll try that myself.

Porridge so far today. Made a buffet for eldest son's birthday as he is visiting today with eldest daughter. Managed to not eat any of it yet. I'd be tempted to go off piste but it's weigh in tomorrow.
Maybe just weigh in a day early this week and just enjoy it, it is a special occasion after all.

My sister's birthday is on Saturday so I'm thinking of having a day off plan this week. If I do I will just WI on Saturday morning then that gives me a 9 day run for next WI.

Life is gonna get in the way sometimes and we need to enjoy some family moments.
Well I had dips and crisps and a couple of chicken drumsticks, some sandwiches and then I had a bowl of almonds, dates and apple with vegan cheese. I stayed off the birthday cake and that has gone now...perils of lads in the house lol and I didn't drink any booze either.
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Decided to get weighed after all. -4lb taking me to 13st 2 lb. 16lb of that is the first 5 weeks on Exante. So it is right you lose around a stone a month on Exante. 2 stone in all in 6 weeks. I am very pleased with that. No doubt the ticker will up date eventually.
Thanks Dolly. There was other yum yums I avoided on the buffet. Good job we had it yesterday cos all my grown family are going into high tier tomorrow. Where I am is still managing to stay in medium but for how long is anyone's guess.