Decided to do Exante

yes. I think this year is in my top 10 of awful years so far for me and my friends. I don't think anyone is having a great year. Had a good cry and feel a bit better. Hugged my lads the same age much to their disgust :) I am quite impressed by the fact that food or alcohol or both used to be my go to under stress but I've not gone off plan.

So far today:-
two quorn sausages with roasted celeriac cut like chips with seasoning salt. Oh my, they were good. In fact I'll never eat proper chips again.

Got a top out and thought it was feeling a bit big. I've two the same, one size 16, one 14, and it turns out this one was the size 14 that was way too tight not so long ago. My other "problem" is my facemasks are too big for my face now. My face must be thinner.:)
Thanks Dolly. I am not too bad today. I am not sure why but the shakes have suddenly become unbearably sweet. I tried two today..Tiramisu which was nothing like one and white chocolate. 🤮 Both went down the sink after a sip. Fortunately I only bought one of each to try but I am hoping they don't all taste like this as I have a fair few to get through. So back to porridge again. I got some knickers out today that I had bought in Dusseldorf last year when I realised I had forgotten to take any with me. They didn't go near me. :eek: Which was a double whammy. They fit today. They are size 14's. I need to bear these small victories in mind if the scales don't play ball this week. Got a feeling I am hanging onto weight now.

I went out to buy up the farmer's market stock of celeriac cos it is my new best friend for my 200/400 cal meals and my son some bits and pieces. No panic buying of toilet paper this time here. Work tomorrow to clear out stock for the food bank cos it won't be any good by the time lockdown ends.
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Yep it wasn't the best. So today's food :-

Porridge. Not Exante btw cos they are far too sweet too. I use the Quaker Oats so Simple sachets and make them with almond milk.Yum.
Double chocolate Exante bar
Roasted celeraic and 2 stuffed vine leaves with green salad

Can't stomach another shake fiasco so will probably have some Marigold boullion and call it a night. I've been up since 6 am and am tired tonight. So a bit of Netflix and sleep I think.
How are you getting on with upping your calories to see if it helps with your losses?

I'm just having my 2nd black coffee of the day and catching up on here.

Had my first meeting in work already so time for a wee break.
I've not been very good at upping tbh. I think I will have a sts tomorrow. I need to start earlier cos by the time 7 am comes I am too tired to bother with anymore food. Been a work all day and felt wobbly when I got home.

Had a bar when I got home.
Having a 400 cal meal later