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Hey Girls - need some advice I got the norovirus my lovely in laws gave it to me and the family. They had it and decided to share their germs and turned up boxing day with presents for the girls and spent most of the day using our bathroom.

I've been so sick for 24 hrs now can't keep anything down not even juice or water and im so thirsty. OMG never felt so awful it doesn't help being pregnant too, just hoping it doesn't affect the baby x
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Oh goodness, how inconsiderate of your in-laws! I'd be furious.
I had norovirus when I was PG with my son and it was really nasty. My MW told me that your baby will always take what it needs from your body first so your baby should be fine. I suffered with hyperemesis when PG with my daughter, constant sickness throughout the pregnancy, was in and out of hospital every few days to be put on a drip for rehydration and she's completely healthy.

What I would say though is if you don't improve by tomorrow, maybe give your MW a call. Keep pushing fluids, even if you don't keep it all down you won't vomit all of it back up...some will stay down. And I'm sure you are anyway but remember good hygiene practice.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Its a horrid virus, I'm a student nurse so I see this a lot at this time of the year. Get well soon xxx


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I been drinking loads and even though most of it hasn't stayed down im starting to feel better and our girls are on the mend now too. Going try having something light to eat later as my baby quite small and don't want her growth to slow down anymore.

Ive always had quite healthy pregnancies apart from catching swine flu with my youngest so feel sorry that you had a rough time with your daughter.

You done so well with your weight loss you should be really proud, hoping I can do the same once ive had my baby xx