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Not a good day

Feel I have really let myself down today. I have been doing so well but had a long day at work, got home and cooked for the children. Went on the wii fit to do some fitness and it said I had gained a pound :sigh:. Yesterday I felt so full I missed one replacement totally but tonight felt a tad hungry and after seeing that I had suposidly gained a pound I was bad and had a small slice of cheese and a small par-baked roll :cry:Im now feeling so guilty and disapointed with myself.
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You could have done a lot worse! A small treat is MUCH preferred to a complete binge. Start anew tomorrow. We are all behind you, you can do it! <3


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..............don't beat yourself up it's done now......just chalk it up to experience and get back on the horse tomorrow. We all do it hun!!!! xx
Thanks.....I will do.........was just those dam scales why is it saying i've gained when i've been so good lol I know I was stupid eating that but like you said it wasn't alot and back to normal tomorrow.

(just a small question as still not quite got the hange of this site yet but how do you all get you tickers ect to show on every post or do you have to copy and paste each time??)


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..............I second that stay off of the scales......there is nothing worse than seeing what you think is a gain. It won't be a gain and by the end of the week you will be jumping up & down with joy.xx
I know it wasn't the right thing to do but I have a habit of going on the wii fit to exercise and always click the wrong button and get my weight which isn't good.

Thanks missfortissimo thats been baffling me!
hmmm it didn't work!
I hate those gain days .... and they arent true gains. You may have had extra water in you or whatever ... weigh first thing with no clothes on or nothing else. Maybe you shouldnt weight at all, its nicer to see a bigger weight loss less often than to go through the daily ups and downs.

Regardless, keep on the wagon .. you can do it, just come here and get your daily dose of support. HUGS
it did that time! although I did have more on there!?!?!
Thanks, I think i will get the children to set the wii up for me when I go on to prevent me from going in and looking at my weight lol. I will be back to normal tomorrow I'm sure. :)
The best thing about your post that you need to focus on is that after a long day at work then looking after kids you are getting on the wii while on a vlcd . Give yourself a VERY big pat on the back !!! Xx
I'm quite lucky that I'm so dopey in the mornings I forget to weigh myself!! Otherwise I'd be on them every day. I never weigh myself after I've had any food or drink (not even a peanut) as I'm scared it'll add 3 stone ;) Like everyone has said - Stay off them scales and well done for all your hard work. Because we all know, it is bloody hard work trying to be slim!!! xx
Thanks everyone, I weighed myself 1st thing this morning so a I had a morning reading and I'm going to do this from now on. I guess it must be a habit as I've always done it evenings.