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Not a good day

Hey guys, feeling a bit pooey today

I went for my second WI this afternoon and have only lost 3 pounds this week.
What makes it worse is the pharmacy told me the wrong weight last week so I thought I was 13s 9lb not 13s 12b. Now I am actually 13s 9lb this week and it feels like I've lost nothing.

The Pharmacy asked me if I have been eating anything and that I should have lost more which makes me feel terrible as I haven't cheated once. :(

I keep wondering if I've done something wrong. I drink about 8 pints a day without the shakes but use a pint of water for each of my shakes. Am I having too much water?

Also I have stayed at home the whole week as I start my summer job tomorrow so haven't had any exercise or anything, so I think this may be a reason I haven't lost much more.

Then my litre bottle of water decided to explode in my bag in the middle of town so my book, my writing pad and lipotrim packets are soaked :(

Any suggestions if I'm doing anything wrong?
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You are doing bugger all wrong, sometimes chemists say the most stupid things, there are too many variables in this diet, espescially it seems for ladies.
Dont be disheartened if you dont cheat it will only come off you. So chin up, smile and onwards and upwards. xxxx
Right, first of all take a step back. What would you say if i had told you i lost 13lbs in two weeks!!!
Losing 10lbs in your first week is amazing, your body lost 3lbs this week cos it has been dealt a shock. Don't forget, your mind, heart and soul want you to be thin - but your body wants fat!

Now, get that sad face off your signature and be proud. You have done brilliantly, get your chin up!!

RE: the pharmacy, tell them to shut up as everyone loses weight at their own pace. You see so many different ways of losing weight, some people lose medium amounts every week, others lose huge amounts one week and STS the next, some have two bad losses then a huge one....

Just keep swimming xxx


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well done on your loss x what time was your weigh in? the best time to go is in the morning with an empty stomach i weigh my self 1st thing and if i do it again in the afternoon i can sometimes be 4lbs heavier! its could be all the water thats inside you if you have a late WI chin up and dont let it get you down x
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I've stuck to LT strictly for the last 2 weeks and only managed to lose 1.8kg - about 4lb! I keep hoping next week will be better.

Is it your totm as for some that is when they have their smaller losses - due to water retention?

How much water are you drinking? You may need to up your intake a bit.

Some weeks a low loss is followed by a larger one so hang in there and see how it goes over the next week.

Remember, you have lost the best part of a stone in a fortnight, which is fan-bally-tastic! It wouldn't happen on any other diet.

Thank you guys, you are all great!

Guess it didn't help with what the pharmacy said - will ignore them next time.

My TOTM was last week so don't think it's that. Prob just do more exercising and see what next week brings.

Thanks again.. *Sending you all virtual hugs* :)
You have done brilliantly! That's nearly a stone in 2 weeks. What other diet would you have had that kind of loss with! Don't lose heart, and stick with it. Chin up hun. x


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a lb off a stone is brilliant in 2 weeks. Keep shaking!


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ARE YOU NUTS?????? Seriously get a grip woman! You have lost 13lbs in 2 frigging weeks!!!! Arrrgh! This makes me mad! :mad: What do you want to lose in 2 weeks????? In 2 weeks you are quarter of the way to your goal!

Have a look at some others losses. Some that lose may 8 or 9 lbs in the first 2 weeks and think how they feel. By all means have a moan on this site (God knows I do) but please wait till you have something to be down about!

Now don't get me wrong I get the feeling of not losing anything because the pharmacy told you wrong last week but hey kick yourself in the butt and look at the bigger picture. Come on hun!

PS Having just reread this ......I mean it in a good way!
*Kicks-self in butt*
I understand what you're saying Sara4 and I do feel better now. It just didn't help when the pharmacist smiled at me as though to say he didn't believe me when I said I hadn't cheated.

Just having a bad day, (I have a few home problems, but not using that as an excuse) and guess everything just got above my head.

But looking at all everyone's advice I now you guys are right - heck I'd be saying the same thing as you to someone if they were in my shoes.
Anyway I'm okay now, and I appreciate what you said. And promise I won't moan again :)
Why are some chemists so stupid? Their job is to support and motivate - not burst our bubbles.
Luckily my chemist is great - but I have seen a few threads about insensitive chemists. TAKE NO NOTICE - you have done brilliantly..


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Hey hun dont worry, my small losses were either side of TOTM so still could be that! Either way it will come off you in the end..well done xx


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Aaah Hun! Don't get me wrong I probably would have decked the chemist!!! And God don't stop moaning ......we all do it (except Gaz.....I've never seen a moan from him but I think he takes his frustrations out in sexual inuendo!!!!)

I am trying to say we all have crap days and what most of us have done to get fat is turn to food! This diet for me anyway is about breaking the cycle. You have lost a fantastic amount of weight and you should be thrilled, happy and proud! I am in the middle of adopting a baby from Ethiopia and it is an emotional rollercoaster every day and normally I would deal with it by phoning for a pizza. So the bad days never go away or stop coming we have to deal with them differently.
I understand :) You're right with what you've said, I may have to turn to using sexual inuendo like Gaz as I usually hate moaning lol.
But I do feel happy :) and happier now thanks!

And all the best with adoption hun, I can imagine it is very emotional for you, will be worth it in the end though :)


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LOL believe me Gaz bloody moans!! xxx


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Lmao i walked right into that 1! xx